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Why you need to add balance exercises to your training routine.

Whether you’re a runner, a powerlifter, a yogi, or just someone trying to stay in shape,
you’ve probably heard of the benefits of cross training. Athletes, who once focused
mainly on strength and power, are heading in groves to their local yoga studios or
spending time in front of the mirror doing their stretches.

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Why Meditation Matters

While meditation has quickly penetrated the world of contemporary health, riding the wave of other eastern practices like Yoga, there still exists a great divide between those who swear by it and those who can’t seem to wrap their minds around it.

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The Importance Of Stretching

Stretching is arguably the most overlooked aspect of physical exercise. Obviously, the payoff for a good stretch isn’t nearly as visible as say lifting weights or endurance training. But fitness experts and personal trainers alike constantly remind us of its importance, and new research shows that the benefits of stretching go way beyond relaxing after a workout.

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How Exercising Changed my Sex Life

Sex is considered to be a very taboo subject, despite the fact that it is literally one of the most natural processes in the world. Need evidence of this? Just stop to consider the fact that you, I, and everybody else we know in the world, is here because of that three-letter word S-E-X.

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7 Reasons to Try HIIT

You may have heard of HIIT and wondered what it is and if it was something you can do. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In these workouts, you do a combination of strength and cardio moves for a short amount of time, but at a high rate.

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Walk it All Off

The gym routine can become monotonous. And, let’s face it, many of us can’t make it to the gym every day. You mean to get up early and go, but the baby kept you up all last night, and you need your sleep. After work? Sure! But it’s been a long day, and someone has to make dinner.

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Know Your Limits and Get Results Without Overtraining

When you’re training hard, training well, and making good progress in the gym, all seems right in the world. When you happen to be on a roll, it can be tempting to stick with what you’re doing, rather than try to break things up a bit. In terms of training, health, and fitness in general however, recovery is vital for a whole variety of reasons.

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Body Weight Workouts for Anywhere

If you travel a lot, you may feel like it is impossible to get a good workout. Between the airport, tiny hotel rooms, and limited free time, it can feel like staying in shape is impossible. The good news is that you can get a great workout anywhere and at any time, no matter how much space you have. By just using your body weight, you can strengthen and tone your whole body, as well as get cardio in. Here are some bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere to get a full body workout.

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