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Paleo vs Keto – Everything You Need to Know

Unless you’ve been kept out of the loop lately, you’ll know that paleo diets and ketogenic diets are hugely popular in the world of health and fitness at the moment. In fact, it seems as if you can’t read an article, or watch an online video without seeing and ad featuring some celebrity or personal trainer, trying to convince you to try a keto diet or the paleo diet.

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Three tips to avoid over-eating.

You’re watching your favorite TV show and all of a sudden you get a close up of a fork slicing effortlessly through a thick chocolate cake. Marketers know what makes us tick. They understand how we think, they know our weaknesses.

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Can a glass of wine before bed help you lose weight?

Over the last few years, the claim that “red before bed” may be the shortcut to weight loss that so many of us had been hoping for. The buzz originated from the stories of a few women who said drinking one to two glasses of wine just before hitting the hay helped them shed a few pounds with no effort.

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How To Diet For Anti-Aging And Longevity

Think of the word “diet” and you probably think of one thing, and one thing only – weight loss.

And you’re not alone.  Simply type “what is the best diet” into google, and you’ll be flooded with page after page of every single eating plan you can imagine, all designed to do one thing – shed those pounds.

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An Honest Supplement Guide For Women

Head into your local drugstore, and you’ll see them – shelf after shelf of liquids, powders and pills. 
They make every promise under the sun – weight loss, weight gain, hair growth, hair removal, better nails, better skin, more energy, more libido – if you can think of it, there’s a supplement for it.

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