Month: March 2018

6 Natural Laxatives For You To try

If you’ve ever suffered with constipation before, you’ll know right away how awful it can make you feel. Being constipated will not only affect how you feel, but it can also affect your health and well-being in the process. You see, when we defecate, we do so for a reason. We defecate to literally get rid of all of the waste products in our digestive system that the body has no use for.

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Healthy Chicken Parmesan

It’s the classic Italian dish we all love! Baking versus frying helps lighten the meal, while holding onto all that juicy flavor. Topped with fresh basil and cheeses to guarantee mouthwatering results. Serves well over pasta or with a crisp, leafy salad.

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The Paleo Diet Grocery Store Guide

Over the last ten years, the Paleo diet has seen a surge in popularity, with many hailing it as the optimal food plan for human health, performance and longevity.

But despite its popularity, many practitioners can’t seem to decide what, EXACTLY, constitutes “Paleo”.

Which makes it tough for new adopters when it comes to grocery shopping. 

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Easy Guide To Counting Calories

When it comes to health and fitness, calories are, without question, the most misunderstood concept.

The majority of people, regardless of age or gender, simply have no idea how to a.) figure out how many calories they should be eating for weight loss, and b.) how to actually go about keeping track of what’s in their food.

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