For many decades, women were told, often by so-called “experts” that they should focus solely on cardio if they wanted to exercise, as lifting weights would cause them to get too big and muscular. We now know that that is complete nonsense however, and as a result there are more women lifting weights in the gym than ever before, and we think that’s great. Resistance training for women will not result in them gaining 30 pounds of muscle in a matter of weeks. In fact, it would be highly unlikely that they would ever gain that amount of muscle. What resistance training for women does do however, is enable them to burn fat, tone up, and sculpt a curvy and feminine physique. Women, like men, must also ensure that they know what they’re doing with their training. That’s why today, we’re looking at 3 mistakes women make in the gym, and at what you can do to avoid making them yourself.



Avoiding heavy training for fear of getting “too big” 

 Despite the fact that we now know that heavy resistance training is not going to result in a woman looking masculine or butch, some women out there still deliberately avoid lifting heavy weights for fear of looking too big and too masculine. The truth is that you constantly need to be progressing when it comes to lifting weights, otherwise you won’t see any noticeable results. This means gradually that your weights will need to increase. Don’t stick with the same weights, week in and week out when training, otherwise you won’t see any noticeable improvements.



Focussing on abs constantly

Women, like men, would seemingly do anything to have a small waist and a washboard stomach with a set of abs that you could grate cheese on. Because of this however, some women out there have been known to place too much focus on the abdominal muscles, which could result in overtraining. A couple of ab workouts per week, including maybe 3 or 4 ab exercises per session is more than sufficient when toning the abs. Forget about hundreds upon hundreds of stomach crunches per session as well. Simply aim for 3 – 4 sets of 15 – 30 reps per set, per exercise, and you will quickly see noticeable improvements.



Too much cardio

In order to get lean you need to burn fat and cardio is a great way to do exactly that. The problem is that some women simply do too much cardio and neglect other aspects of their training. You can burn fat and tone the muscles at the same time by performing a weight training circuit, yet when it comes to fat loss, women often find themselves drawn to the treadmills no matter what. As far as exercising to lose fat is concerned, it’s always best to switch things up and find different ways of burning calories. Too much cardio will be boring, you will grow complacent, and your athletic performance will suffer.

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