Are you trying to lose weight but finding that it’s a struggle? If so, you could likely use some help.

While there are all kinds of assistance that you could seek, one of the cheapest and most convenient forms of help is phone apps.

There are several different weight loss apps on the market today, each of which can help you to achieve your goal. Looking for the best of the bunch? Then read on!


For many, social support is vital to weight loss. Having a friend to lean on or someone to speak to can make all the difference in the world.

Unfortunately, some people feel ashamed or embarrassed about their weight loss journey. Others have been body-shamed and feel self-conscious about their weight loss journey. As such, they don’t open up about it to the people in their lives.

Fortunately, there’s an app that caters to such individuals: FatSecret. FatSecret is a weight loss support app, one which allows individuals to discuss their weight loss journeys with other like-minded individuals in complete anonymity.

In addition to providing an app-wide chat feature, FatSecret also allows users to join niche weight-loss groups. These groups enable you to make friends with those who have similar goals.

But FatSecret isn’t only a social support app, it’s also a fitness app. This app can track your calories, store relevant notes, and monitor your weight over time.

The best thing about FatSecret is that it’s free! Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you should give this app a try.


If you’re serious about losing weight, you have to track your calories. Tracking your calories is the only way to determine whether you’re burning off more calories than you’re taking in.

While you could track your calories in a notebook or on a dry erase board, the more convenient option is to use a calorie tracking app. Which app is the best for calorie tracking purposes? For most individuals, it’s MyFitnessPal.

MyFitnessPal is a free app with one of the biggest nutritional databases a person could ever come across. Regardless of what you’ve eaten, you can type it into this database, find its nutritional statistics, and enter those statistics into your daily digital notebook with the simple press of a button.

MyFitnessPal’s database has statistics for both general and exact foods. For instance, if you eat a small pizza from Papa John’s, you could type “Papa John’s pizza small” into the database to enter its statistics. Conversely, if you eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that you made at home, you could find it in the database as well.

In addition to tracking nutrition, MyFitnessPal also allows users to record notes on exercise and hydration. It’s one of the handiest weight loss apps in existence. Available for both iPhone and Android, it’s a must-download.


If you truly struggle to lose weight on your own, you should consider downloading the Weight Watchers app, WW. A paid app, it comes in tandem with the Weight Watchers program.

Unfortunately, unlike many other weight loss apps, it costs money. Monthly plans run between $19.99 and $24.99 per month while a yearly plan costs $219.00. So, if you’re going to download it, you’d better be sure that you’re going to put it to good use.

WW offers several different features. In addition to tracking meals and exercise, it also provides a range of healthy food recipes. With barcode scanning capabilities, it can upload the nutritional statistics of a particular food with only a single swipe.

This app also provides rewards to those who reach certain milestones. For instance, you could win a Bluetooth speaker by losing 30 pounds.

Available for both Android and iPhone, WW is the go-to app for those looking to get serious about their weight loss.


Unfortunately, for some of us, an improvement in physical and psychological health isn’t inspiration enough for us to lose weight. However, there’s something else that might motivate a person to shed some pounds: money!

Did you know that you could bet money on your weight loss? With apps such as DietBet, you can place a wager on your ability to shed a specific amount of pounds in a specific amount of time.

It’s not at all uncommon for users to win $50, $100, or even $150. The key is in picking the right goal and then achieving that goal.

Note, though, that if you fail to meet your goal, you will lose the money you bet. So, before placing any wagers, make sure you’re serious about the endeavour.


With so much processed food on the market today, it can be difficult to tell what we’re consuming. Packaged foods are filled with a variety of additives, some of which are a burden when it comes to losing weight.

Fortunately, there’s an app available which helps us get to the bottom of our food: Fooducate. Fooducate allows you to scan the label of any item you come across in a grocery store, providing you with vital information about such item. Not only will it tell you the ingredients and nutritional facts of the food you’re scanning, but it will also alert you to any bad substances that the food may contain.

If you’re looking to learn more about your food, this is the app for you. Fooducate is free of charge and is available for both iPhone and Android.

Need More Help with Losing Weight Than Weight Loss Apps?

The weight loss apps reviewed above comprise only a small portion of the fitness apps available to you. Using these apps isn’t guaranteed to make you lose weight, but they will help in setting you on the right path.

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