When your relationship becomes dull or tired, it can be frustrating. You used to have so much fun together! You loved hanging out, but now your partner is more of a roommate than a lover. You might not even realize you have drifted at first because life is so busy. You both have jobs, hobbies, kids, family and friends to deal with. It can be easy to let your primary romantic relationship take a back seat to more pressing needs. After all, you know your partner will be there for you, no matter what. And while it is true they will always support you, it is also important to take steps to keep that relationship healthy and vibrant. If you think you and your partner are drifting apart, here are six ways to rekindle your relationship.

Cuddle Up

Physical contact is important. (And we’re not talking about sex!) Cuddling is a great way to feel connected and helps you both relax. This is a time to hang out together and just be. If you feel distant from your partner, you will instantly feel closer since they will literally be in your face. There is no need to talk or try to open a deep line of communication. Just enjoy being in each other’s presence. Try to spend at least 10 minutes every day cuddling. You can schedule your bedtimes together, so you know you have a “date” to hang out in each other’s arms every night.

Go On A Real Date

Remember how exciting it was when your first got together? You spent actual time getting ready for a date. Now? Any old thing will do since your partner has seen you at every stage of dress and undress. While it is awesome to feel so comfortable with them, an old fashioned date night might help put some spark into your relationship. Set aside a night where neither of you have anywhere else to be. Pick a restaurant or activity you are both excited about. And dress up! Treat this date like it is one of your first dates. Make an effort to focus on only each other and make the night special.

Go On A Trip

Taking a break from your usual routine can help you see your partner in a new light. If they are currently driving you crazy at home with that one insanely annoying habit, then it may be time to get out of the house and away from the daily grind. Depending on your budget, you can do a stay-cation in your own town or go big and visit somewhere you have always wanted to go. Just make sure your partner is all in for the trip as well. Shaking up where you eat and sleep might do the trick in re-energizing your relationship. Plus, you get the added bonus of not having to clean, cook, or do laundry!

Talk More

This might sound like a lame one, but it can truly be helpful. You may think you know everything about your partner, but people change. You are not the same person you were when you first started this relationship, so why should they be? This will also give you a chance to talk about your feelings as well. Tell your partner that you feel disconnected. Explain to them how happy you feel when you are connected. Expand the topics to other things as well. Have some new hopes and dreams? Made a new friend at work? Tell your partner about it! And make sure you attentively listen when they share with you.

Work On Yourself

One reason you may feel distant from your partner is because you have begun to take them for granted. The same may be true for them, but you cannot change their behavior. You can only change yourself. Take a look at how you treat them. Do you only focus on the negative? Constantly criticize and nag? Are you annoyed to see them when they get home from work? If so, it might be time to change those habits. Focus on the positive aspects of your partner. Remind yourself of why you fell in love with them. If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, then relieving your own stress can help the relationship too. Do something specifically to treat yourself. If you feel relaxed and happier, you will be much more likely to be kind to your partner.


Surprise your partner with big and small things. It can be as simple as a personally delivered lunch or a heartfelt email. Want to go big? Plan a trip or activity they have been wanting to experience. Think of ways to show your partner that you care but that they will not expect. Be creative and think outside the box. Just make sure it is something personal that they will like. They will feel more connected to you for remembering their favorite things and you will feel better for treating them to something awesome. The unexpected reminder of your love can be just the thing to bring you closer together.

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