Did you know the human body comprises of 60% water, the blood contains 92%, the nerves and muscles contain 75%, and the bones contain 22% water? With these facts about water, you can establish that the body is 75% water filled. Making water the single most essential nutrient for our bodies.

It’s funny how the body can live up to a month without food but hardly a week without water. That should ascertain you that you need water much more than you imagine.

Are you wondering how to stay hydrated? Well, you just got lucky. Here are a few ways to keep you hydrated this summer.

Live Healthily; Ways to Stay Hydrated

Lack of water in the body causes the body to be susceptible to conditions such as poor indigestion and bowel movements caused by slow rates of metabolism. It could also cause severe problems like homeostasis and osteoporosis due to weak bones.

For that reason, let’s look at interesting and easy ways you can keep your body and skin vibrant with water.

1. Drink, Drink, Drink

The golden rule to stay hydrated is to drink water. When you wake up, drink. Before bed, drink. Before meals, drink. After meals, drink. Even drink on the go.

The body is exposed to many activities throughout the day, which means you’re more likely to get dehydrated faster than you realize. Hence, it’s crucial to keep up a schedule for drinking water.

The body needs at least eight glasses of water in a day to be the least hydrated. In fact, studies suggest that men should work towards consuming 125 ounces of water in a day, and the females approximately 90 ounces of water.

2. Hydrate Twice as Much During Workout

Working out involves twice as much body movement and muscle strength than regular activities. This means as you workout; you are twice as much susceptible to dangerous dehydration levels.

Its recommended that you drink water, energy drinks, or sports drinks double the amount that you usually would. Aim to take a glass or two before the workout, during and after the workout.

If you have the work early morning, then take water the night before to keep the body ready for the workout. In case you’ll be having your fitness training under the sun, then carry a water bottle with you.

3. Take in Smoothies

One of the best ways to stay hydrated is by taking tasty drinks like smoothies. There are many fluid-filled recipes that will guide you in the best smoothies and shakes.

To lay a base, it’s essential to add in fruits, vegetables, and water to the mix. Its easier to incorporate them to the shake as they blend easily, and they can be metabolized just as fast.

Try adding yogurt, milk, strawberries, cucumber, and watermelon. They have one of the highest water contents. Do keep in mind that you want to maintain a good amount of dairy to avoid gaining weight in the process.

4. Vegetables Filled Meals

Salads are a great addition to your meals, especially if the ingredients are leafy greens and other water-filled vegetables. The likes of lettuce have about 90% water content together with carrots and tomatoes.

The vegetables could also be used to make green juice, which has both health benefits and hydrating features. The green juice has spinach, kale, bell peppers, and avocado. Read more about high water content vegetables.

5. Indulge in Fruits

Other easy ways to stay hydrated is by indulging in fruits. In fact, fruits are said to hold the highest water content with watermelon taking the top spot with 99% water. Grapes, grapefruits, strawberries, and kiwifruit also have very high water content.

Invest in many fruits which you can take as dessert after your meals, take them as a mixed fruit juice, or add them to salads. They are also great snacks to take with you to school, especially for kids who don’t like the taste of plain water.

For breakfast, you can let go of caffeine and other stimulants and take fruits to hydrate. This is a healthy step since the stimulants can cause you to have addiction habits.

6. Keep the Fluids Flowing with Soups

Many patients with osteoporosis or osteoarthritis are usually advised to take lots of soups, stews, and broths. This is because they also contain a substantial amount of fluid besides the other nutritional value it has.

Soups can be made out of anything, including fish bones, cow’s head, or pigs feet. Either way, the broth has high fluid content, which is healthy for your body.

You can take soups every dinner or as an appetizer before meals. It’s an excellent way to maintain your body weight as you won’t be eating much after the bowl of soup.

7. Take Fluid Filled Foods

One final answer to what’s the best way to stay hydrated is to take foods with water content as well. Juicy meals can substitute for not drinking the recommended eight glasses of water.

A good example is hamburger, chicken, or oats. Many people take oats for breakfast alongside fruits or as a porridge. They can absorb the milk or water once they are dipped. As so, they are hearty and hydrating.

Meat is said to contain about 60% of water, which makes them a great hydrant for the body. Unless you’re taking the meal dried, they can be an excellent substitute.

Water is Life

We have shared with you the top seven ways to stay hydrated. Studies reveal that 75% of Americans are dehydrated. This is because people rarely take in water during workouts and they’re exposed to the sun over extended periods. The sickly, pregnant, and lactating women are also less likely to hydrate during the day. Of course, without leaving out the elderly.

One has to maintain a strict drinking schedule because the body needs to be hydrated all time to keep off diseases and illnesses. Plus, the brain and the memory are also primarily affected by lack of water in the body. For that reason, its vital to keep the body hydrated.

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