You know you need 150 to 300 minutes of exercise per week. But it’s not always easy to convince yourself to work out when the temperature drops. It’s much more appealing to stay curled up on the couch where it’s warm.

But skipping your workouts means you lose out on the benefits of exercise. It could cause you to gain weight over the winter, too.

Keeping your indoor workouts interesting helps you stick with your routine throughout the winter.

You don’t have to stick with the treadmill or go to an aerobics class at the gym. Get creative with the places you go to get exercise in the winter or do something different with your at-home workouts.

Here are eight ideas to get you started. 

1. Kickboxing

Channel your inner fighter with a winter kickboxing class. Many gyms offer cardio kickboxing classes that give you a total body workout.

Many classes require boxing gloves, so you can hit heavy bags. You’ll also kick and work in other aerobic activities. 

If you’re feeling more courageous, head to an actual boxing gym and train with boxers. You don’t have to fight other people, but working out at a boxing gym is often more intense than a kickboxing class.

If you want a little more variety, look for an indoor boot camp class. These classes often incorporate a variety of high-intensity moves at a fast pace. They hit all the major body areas, so you can work every part of your body.

2. Rock Climbing

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, look for an indoor rock-climbing facility in your area. It’s a full-body workout that gets your heart rate up. 

Rock climbing is also a strength training exercise. You get an excellent upper body workout with all of the work your arms do, but it also uses your legs, back, and shoulders. 

Rock-climbing facilities typically provide all of the necessary safety equipment. If you’ve never rock climbed before, look into instruction options to get started. Most facilities have walls of varying difficulty levels, which lets you start easy and work up to more challenging climbs.

3. Swimming

You won’t be splashing around in an outdoor pool, but you can take your swimming workout indoors for the winter months. Many gyms have indoor pools available to members. If your gym doesn’t have a pool, consider joining one that does.

Check for the open swim times at your favorite indoor pool facility. Some indoor pools host classes or allow groups to reserve the pool for private events and practices.

Swimming laps is a simple and effective swimming workout option. If you prefer some variety, look for water aerobics classes held by your gym. This is a low-impact option, which is ideal for people with joint issues.

4. Indoor Ice Skating

If you want a little taste of winter without the unpredictable outdoor conditions, consider indoor ice skating. It can burn an average of 637 calories per hour for a 200-pound person. That makes it a very effective workout option.

Plus, it’s a fun activity that doesn’t really feel like a workout. You can bring the whole family for an indoor skating session.

Ice skating isn’t just an aerobic exercise. It works muscles throughout your lower body, and it helps strengthen your core. You can improve your balance and coordination with ice skating.

5. Trampoline Park

If you haven’t spent much time jumping lately, you may not realize how much of a workout it is. Spend a few minutes on a trampoline, and you’ll quickly realize just how many calories you can burn that way.

Indoor trampoline parks are popular in many cities. You can head to open jump times with your kids for family fun. 

Some trampoline parks have specific workout classes for adults. Check with your local facility to see if that’s an option.

If you don’t want to jump in public, grab a mini exercise trampoline to use at home. You can do a variety of workouts on the small trampoline without leaving home.

6. Recreational Sports League

Gather a group of friends, and create a team for a local recreational sports league. Many parks and rec departments organize recreational sports leagues for adults.

Basketball is a popular indoor sport in the winter. Some cities may offer indoor dodgeball leagues for adults. Look for other options offered locally.

These leagues get your heart rate up, but they also give you a chance to socialize with your friends. It’s easy to hibernate in the winter and miss out on that socialization time. Plan a whole night around your league games with a healthy dinner after you play.

7. Dancing

Dance away the winter blues and burn lots of calories to keep yourself active.

If you like the idea of a group workout, look for a dance exercise class at a local gym. Barre workouts are growing in popularity and let you channel your inner ballerina. In addition to muscle toning, it increases your flexibility, tones your core, and improves your posture.

You could also convince your significant other to sign up for a dance class with you for regular dance workouts.

Another option is to crank up the tunes and dance how you want to dance at home. This is an easy and free option that lets you have fun while working out.

If you have kids, turn it into a family dance party, so everyone stays active during the cold winter months.

8. YouTube Workouts

Are you set against leaving your house? Fire up YouTube to get a variety of at-home workout options.

You’ll find lots of interesting and free workouts on YouTube. They range from traditional aerobics to hip hop dance to anything in between.

If you find a YouTube exercise guru you love, subscribe to the channel so you can keep up with the latest workouts when they release new ones.

Enjoy Indoor Workouts

Having a lineup of winter indoor workouts keeps you active even when you don’t feel like exercising. A mix of at-home workouts and options outside of the home makes it easy to find something that fits your mood every day.

Check out our fitness archives for more workout ideas and fitness tips.

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