There’s a popular argument in the fitness world that goes something like this: “Can you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?”

Some people say it’s impossible to do both simultaneously. But to this, we’ll say, “Hogwash!” We’ve seen several success stories from real-world people who were able to do both at the same time. 

Want to know how they achieved this? Continue reading! 

Can You Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time? (The Argument)

Before we delve in, let’s discuss why losing fat and gaining muscle can be a problem. 

Here’s where the conflict comes:  

Your body must be in a caloric deficit to lose fat. On the other hand, for muscle gain, you must have calories in surplus. Because of this, losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously looks impossible. 

However, going deeper into science, it’s pretty possible! Let’s get more specific on gaining muscles and losing fats and then combine both. 

Losing Fats

When you want to lose fat, all you have to do is consume fewer calories than you burn. When your body longs for more calories than what it currently has, you’re in a “calorie deficit.”

Your body lacks the required calories to stay active, so it breaks down some portion of itself for fuel. Hopefully, your body will pull calories from stored fats, but depending on how it is trained, it may also pull some muscles as well. 

You heard that right. You may lose fat and some muscles while you lose weight if you aren’t careful. 

From a health and physical perspective, we’d hope that your muscles are not broken down when you’re in a caloric deficit but instead uses the fat stored. Remember, weight loss is not your ultimate goal. Instead, the aim is to reduce the body fat while maintaining your muscles (or develop more muscles)

Are you thinking, “Which is easier? Consuming fewer calories or burning more?”

Great question. 

Numbers will solve it all. Let’s accept the ‘generally agreed’ starting point of 3,500 calories, which is estimated at or a pound of fat. If you want to lose a pound of fat within one week (an achievement for many people), you will have to target a calorie deficit of 500 calories within one day.

You may, 

  • Consume 500 fewer calories
  • Burn 500 more calories
  • Or combine both 

The route you choose to take will really depend on your own unique lifestyle and schedule. 

Gaining Muscle 

If you want to build muscle, you may have to lift something heavy and eat enough food for more calories, specifically more protein to build muscles. This makes sense, logically. Let’s get more into details. 

Lift Heavy 

If you want to build muscle, you have to lift heavy objects.  

When you lift heavy things many times, the muscles reach an elastic limit, causing them to tear and fail. Your muscle then rebuilds to become bigger and stronger.  

Now do this again. 

And again. 

Then again. 

So far you’re eating enough to re-develop your muscle, which means you’ll become stronger. 

Choose Diets Tailored to Your Goals

Because the muscles must rebuild after exercise, calories must also be created from somewhere. We’ll discuss more on proper diet as we go on. 

Just keep in mind that eating a good quantity of food will play a huge role in muscle gain. 

Get Enough Rest

The body generally rebuilds when you sleep, so always get enough rest at night, at least 7-8 hours. This gives your body enough time to grow stronger. 

If you’re building muscles and only get less than 7 hours of sleep in a night, that’s a total disservice. Go and sleep. The short gist of strength-building is that you need to lift heavy things, eat more, and get enough rest. 

How to Lose Fat And Gain Muscle at the Same Time 

Here are the best ways to lose body fat and build muscles simultaneously. 

Maintain a Caloric Deficit While Consuming More Protein 

Your body must burn more calories than you eat, and you must also provide your body with protein that is sufficient enough to rebuild your muscles. 

The best way to shed some pounds is by attaining a caloric deficit. 

You must limit your calories and go into a deficit if you want to shed some fats. 

Sorting Hat analogy once said, “If you overeat, your body will store excess calories as fat.” So eat less and burn more, consistently. You can also try out excellent weight loss supplements.

Muscle Train

Strength training routine like one-arm push-up plays a big role in losing fat and building muscles. First off, you may start the routine with typical push-ups. 

If you want to build muscles, you may have to lift something. Make sure you challenge your muscles. It gets them stronger.  

Protein Is Important

Apart from lifting weights and being under a caloric deficit, consuming protein plays a crucial role in both building muscles and losing fats. Protein helps create new tissues. 

According to studies, it is possible to gain muscle even on a caloric diet as long as you consume sufficient protein.  

Taking Control of Your Health

While it may sound impossible, the answer to “can you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time” is a resounding yes.  If you want to lose fat, be in a calorie deficit. If you want to gain more muscle, be in a calorie surplus. Always lift something heavy and eat more protein. 

If you overeat, your body will store excess calories as fat. So eat less and burn more consistently. You can also try great weight loss supplements.

For more on how to lose weight, sleep better, and have more energy, be sure to stop by our weight loss section for the inspiration and tips you need!

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