To tone muscles, gain balance, and strengthen your body, a Bosu ball is the perfect at-home workout tool.

If you’re new to this workout equipment, there are several incredible workouts to try that will have you sweating and toning in no time.

Read on for some of the best Bosu Ball Workout methods to try regardless of your experience or skill level.

Push-Ups and Sit-Ups

You can use your bosu ball to do push-ups or sit-ups that will work your core. For push-ups, you’ll need to do it with the ball side facing down and for sit-ups, the ball side will be facing up.

To do a push-up with your bosu ball, balance your body on the ball as you do a classic push-up move. This workout strengthens your core, triceps, shoulders, and chest. It’s also great for improving overall balance.

For sit-ups, first, tighten your stomach and then lift using your core as you sit upright. When you release back, avoid letting your back arch over the bosu ball. Instead, just keep your back flat with the ball as you go.

Bosu Ball Workout: Hip Raises

This workout is great for your abs, lower back, and quads. It’s also an excellent beginner workout you can try at home or the gym.

First, lie down on the floor and flex your knees, placing your feet on each side of the bosu ball. Place your arms by your side with your palms flat on the floor as you look up at the ceiling.

Once you’re in position, push your hips upward and stop when they are in line with your thighs. Next, you’ll need to lower your hips but don’t place them on the floor. Repeat this process by pushing your hips up again.

You can take this workout to the next level by adding a leg raise. This modification uses the same hip raise procedure, but you’ll keep the knee of your raised leg slightly bent as you push your hips up toward the ceiling.

Lower your glutes and feel the burn! You can also try it with both legs raised for a more advanced workout.


This Bosu Ball Workout is great for intermediate users and really works your lower back, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Try two sets of 12 reps for best results.

Place your bosu ball face-down with the curved part on the ground and the flat part facing upward. Place your right leg on the right side of the ball to avoid falling down.

Your bosu ball will tilt to the right, and then you should place your left foot on the other side of the flat surface. Once you’re stable and both feet are on the flat surface of the ball, you can start to balance on top of the ball.

To begin your squat workout, push your hips back and flex your knees. Keep your body low as you bring your hands up toward your chest. Be sure that your knees aren’t extended past your toes.

Repeat the balance and squat position until you’re ready to stop. This workout is an excellent way to gain lower body strength and leg muscle.

Lunges and Side Lunges

Lunges are a classic exercise that works great for beginners, but the bosu ball takes this one to a new level. First, stand about a foot away from the ball with the curved side facing up.

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and engage your core with your knees slightly bent and your chest out. Place your right foot on top of the bosu ball and flex your knees. Lower your torso so your thighs are in line with your shins.

Hold this position for about 30 seconds, then step back to the starting position. Put your other foot on top of the bosu ball and flex both of your knees. Lower your torso and then lunge.

Repeat this process alternating between the left and right leg. Try to do around three sets of 12 reps if you can.

For the side lunge, you’ll want to stand next to your bosu ball and put your right foot on the dome (or curved side). Keep your feet about two to three feet apart.

Lunge to the right, get up, and then left your right leg off the dome and place it close to the left leg. Place your right leg on the dome and lunge again.


Planking is a popular workout that improves your abs, back, shoulders, and glutes. This Bosu Ball Workout is fun but requires a little bit of experience with the ball.

Make sure your bosu ball is facing the curved side down, then hold the flat side at the edges. Extend your right leg behind you and flex your toes as you place them on the floor.

Stretch your left leg out behind you, supporting your body using your flexed toes on both feet. Engage your core and make sure that your spine is in line with your neck as you look down.

Hold the position for about 30 seconds to one minute. Repeat three sets, holding for less than a minute each time.

Get Your Workout On

Whether you want to strengthen your core or work on your legs, a Bosu Ball Workout makes it easy and fun. This awesome workout equipment is easy to take with you anywhere for a workout on the go.

Try a few easy workouts to start with, then work your way up to more complicated ones. In time, you’ll notice stronger muscles and better balance.

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