When it comes to our health and well-being, numerous studies have found that air quality can have a huge impact on determining just how fit and healthy we are. Generally speaking, the cleaner and fresher the air, the fitter and healthier you become. Poor air quality has been heavily linked to all kinds of medical issues and ailments, including diseases such as lung cancer and asthma. It is thought that, worldwide, more than 3.3 million people lose their lives every single year as a result of poor air quality, or from complications arising from poor air quality. It is generally accepted to rural locations have much cleaner air than city settings, but rural life is not for everybody. So, what can be done if you live in a city? After all, cities have far more pollution caused by vehicles and industries etc, plus there is far-less greenery to help filter and purify the air. That doesn’t mean that the air inside your home has to be polluted however. If you’re looking to breathe easy in the city, here are a few ways to get cleaner air inside your home.

Burn beeswax candles

Candles are incredibly popular household accessories, as not only do they look attractive, but they can also help give off pleasant scents. However, the problem with paraffin-based candles is the fact that they emit tolulene and benzyne, plus they give off soot as you burn them. Beeswax candles however, are completely different. Beeswax candles actually function as air purification devices. You see, in homes, toxins and harmful particles are constantly floating through the air because they are made up of ions with a positive charge. Beeswax candles however, create negative ions which bind to the positive ones. This prevents them from remaining airborne because they are now much heavier. They instead simply fall to the ground, waiting to be cleaned up (more on that next). Beeswax candles therefore, help to clean and purify the air, plus they give off far less soot and NO harmful chemicals or toxins. They also burn much slower than other candles, meaning they last longer so they don’t need to be replaced as frequently, which helps cut back on carbon footprints.

Clean those floors naturally!

When it comes to housework, can you honestly say that you keep your floors clean and tidy at all times? If the answer is no, you might want to re-think things. You see, as we just mentioned, by burning beeswax candles, harmful toxins and chemicals which were previously floating through the air after binding to dust particles, are now far too heavy to float, so they simply fall to the ground. We all know how household dust can make a home look dirty and untidy, but this dust could also be harbouring all kinds of nasty surprises. When vacuuming, opt for a powerful vacuum with a HEPA filter to help remove more dust and dirt from the floor. For hard floors, once you have vacuumed, be sure to give the floor a good mopping. Avoid chemical-based cleaners and disinfectants, as these chemicals in themselves, can be bad for you. Instead, go with plain old hot water, or perhaps create your own solution using white vinegar and an essential oil to mask the smell.

Invest in a salt lamp

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps are currently very popular. Not only do these lamps look incredibly attractive, they also help to clean and purify the air around them. You see, one of the greatest things about these lamps, is that they help to pull harmful pathogens, allergens, and irritants from the air by helping to pull water vapour from the air. As you probably know, salt helps to draw moisture out of things, plus it also acts as a natural preservative, so it helps to neutralize dangerous toxins. The next time you’re around a salt lamp, just run your fingers lightly over the surface and they should come away feeling fairly moist. This shows just how much water vapour these lamps can pull from the air around us. Some people suggest that the lamps work better when switched on, but it has been proven that they also work when switched off.

Spruce up your décor with houseplants

Houseplants not only help to lift the interior décor of homes and businesses, they also help to filter the air and keep it nice and clean. One of the main reasons why rural areas have such clean air is because of the fact that there is so much greenery out there. Plants take carbon dioxide from the air, and convert it into oxygen. Scientists working for NASA, recently conducted numerous studies on these houseplants, and found very strong evidence to suggest that houseplants can indeed help filter the air around us. Plants not only absorb CO2, they can also absorb harmful volatile organic compounds such as benzyne and formaldehyde, which are very bad for human beings. Indoor houseplants absorb these harmful gasses through their leaves and roots, via a process known as Phytoremediation. Basically, they act as pretty-looking filtration devices, that also expel super-clean oxygen into your home. So, if you were looking to embark in a spot of interior design, make sure houseplants are high up on your list of things to begin with.

Make use of essential oils

If you’re looking to make your home smell nice, forget the chemical-laden air freshener aerosols, and instead go with natural essential oils instead. Essential oils are 100% natural, and many of them are renowned for their antiseptic and antibacterial properties. This means that you can add them to water and perhaps white vinegar (like we mentioned earlier) to make a household cleaning solution that smells great and kills harmful bacteria. However, if you use essential oil diffusers, these oils can also destroy harmful airborne bacteria and help purify the air. So, not only will you have super-clean air, but your home will also smell amazing in the process.

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