Have you ever noticed how on some days you just can’t seem to get rid of the cravings for something sweet and sugary? While the occasional treat does no real harm at all, unfortunately there are many of us that are consuming far too much sugar each week, and our health is suffering. Sugar may be one of the most convenient, delicious, and useful condiments in existence, but it is generally considered very harmful. Sugar is quite literally addictive, which means that for some people, kicking a sugar habit is far easier said than done. Despite it being tough however, there are countless individuals out there that are making an effort to beat their addiction. Many of them are starting slow and are weaning themselves off of sugar, with the short-term goal of going one entire week without sugar. But why should we quit sugar in the first place? Is it really that bad? Why don’t you see for yourself, as we look at several benefits associated with cutting way back on refined sugar intakes.

Your teeth will look BETTER and be healthier

Do you remember when you were a child how your parents would try to encourage you away from candy, sugary fizzy drinks, and sweet treats by telling you that they would rot your teeth? If so, you can rest easy in the fact that they were telling you the truth. Too much sugar is notorious for rotting people’s teeth, causing them to become weak, discolored, rotten, and to even fall out completely in some cases. You see, in the mouth, there is naturally occurring bacteria. This bacteria adores sugar. When sugar coats the teeth after you eat or drink something sugary, the bacteria quickly feeds on this sugar so that it can strengthen and increase in size. This results in plaque which eats away at the enamel on the teeth. This in turn results in gum disease, discoloration, and cavities. If you cut out sugar, your teeth will not only look better, but they will become stronger and healthier.

Your energy levels will be stable

We’ve all eaten sugary candy or drank a full-sugar soda or two, haven’t we? If you have, you’ll know that after consuming something sugary, your energy levels shoot through the roof virtually instantly. You’ll be bouncing off the walls, you’ll struggle to focus and concentrate, and you’ll be borderline hyperactive. A short while later you’ll have noticed how your energy levels plummet and you begin to feel tired and lethargic. This is known as a sugar crash and it happens because the sugar is used up so quickly that there is nothing left. Your energy levels will be up and down with regular sugar consumption, and that is far from ideal. If you give up sugar however, you’ll find that your energy levels remain stable. You won’t experience sudden increases and drops in energy. You’ll instead have a slow and steady stream of energy to get you through the day.

Healthy skin

If you compare the skin of somebody that consumes excessive amounts of refined sugars, with somebody that eats wholesome, healthy, nutritious foods, you’ll see quite the difference. The person that eats healthy produce will have glowing, vibrant, strong, blemish-free, healthy-looking skin. The person that consumes too much sugar will have pale, blemished, dry, loose and wrinkled-looking skin and they will look older than they actually are. This is because when you consume sugar, high levels of glucose in your bloodstream can result in a molecular effect which is known as glycation. Glycation is a molecular process which suppresses the repair and recovery of collagen in the skin. Collagen is a protein responsible for skin elasticity and it is collagen that helps the skin to look plump and healthy. Diets rich in sugar will result in less collagen in the skin, which means that the skin will become loose, wrinkled, and generally unhealthy-looking. By giving up sugar you can help get your skin looking and feeling healthy, and you can potentially shave years off of your appearance.

You will lose weight

Perhaps one of the most popular benefits associated with giving up sugar is the fact that quitting sugar will help you to lose weight. When you consume simple sugars, this results in increased levels of insulin which can spike. Insulin is a fat-storage hormone, which in large quantities can result in a dangerously high level of fat to accumulate around the mid-section. This is known as visceral body fat and this fat is especially dangerous because it places so much pressure on the internal organs. Furthermore, the fat cells in this fat secrete hormones which can travel to the major organs and trigger inflammation. This can lead to a wide range of potential health issues. Not only that, but sugar is also rich in calories and if you are in a caloric surplus and take in more calories than you are able to burn off for maintenance, you will wind up gaining weight. By cutting out sugar you consume fewer calories and your body will find it easier to burn off the excess weight and use that for energy instead.

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