It’s all in the landing. Jump as you normally do, are you landing with your feet flat? If so this might be the problem. Try to first land on your toes, then the ball of your feet, the your heels. This helps to let the body gradually absorb the shock of the landing. You can also try to bend your -knees and hips as you land. Also take a look at your shoes, if they are wearing out and way too old it’s probably time to splurge for a new pair. A new pair of shoes can make a big difference in any workout. Just make sure to get the right size for you feet!

The surface of which you’re landing on, could also be a factor in why your feet are hurting. Most wood or laminate floors should be okay, but if you’re in a basement on hard concrete, get a workout mat to add some cushioning. Workout mats are thicker than yoga mats.

You could also have the start of plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the muscle in the bottom of your foot. The most common sign is a sharp pain in your heel right when you get up in the morning. If so, be sure to always stretch your calves before and after exercising. Contact your doctor if you think you may have this issue.

Two good calf stretches:

1. Place the ball of your foot up against a wall, with your heel on the floor, and lean into the stretch

2. Do a down dog yoga stretch while gently raising and lowering your heels one at a time.

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