Butts are having a moment. Gone are the days of wanting to minimize your assets. Instead, most women want a round, firm butt. While a lot of the bodies you see on social media have been enhanced by either photoshop or implants, you can get a strong butt naturally. The key is to do lots of squats at the gym. You can avoid boredom by doing different types of squats so you can get the butt that you want. Here are five different squats to help you get the butt you have been working for.

Bodyweight Squat

The best place to start is with a basic bodyweight squat. You need to perfect your form with a bodyweight squat before you start adding weights or doing different types of squats. To do a proper squat, begin with your feet hip width apart. As you bend your knees, stick your butt out. Your chest should stay up and all of your weight should be in your heels. If you are doing a squat in front of a mirror, you should be able to watch yourself the entire time – do not bend forward and look at the ground. You should also be able to lift your toes off the ground when you at the bottom of the squat. This basic squat will work your butt really well. You can also hold hand weight as you get stronger.

Goblet Sumo Squat

A goblet squat is a great way to add weight to your squat. Hold a heavy weight or kettlebell close to your chest, almost like you are hugging it to your body. For a sumo squat, take a step or two out, so that your feet are much farther than hip width apart. Point your toes outward, at a 45-degree angle. Then, do a squat with perfect form. Make sure you keep your chest up and the weight in your heels. You can turn a goblet squat into a compound move by pushing the weight forward for a chest press or raising it above your head for a shoulder press.

Jump Squat

A great way to add in cardio with your strength training is to jump squats. You can add these into a weight lifting routine or do them as part of a HIIT routine. When you do a jump squat, begin with your feet hip width apart. Go down as far as you can, keeping perfect squat form. Then, explode up by jumping. Land lightly on your toes and then go back into a squat. These will get your heart rate up very quickly! You can add in variations of the squat jump by jumping forward or turning your body every time you jump. You can move your body 90 degrees to your left, so you wind up forming a box with your jumps. You can also turn your body 180 degrees when you jump, but be careful, that one can make you dizzy!

Pistol Squat

A pistol squat, or one leg squat, is a difficult move that takes practice. For this move, you lift one leg and hold it in front of you at a 45-degree angle. You then squat with one leg, going down as far as you can. To get better at this squat, you can start by holding onto a chair or bar to help keep your balance. You may only be able to go halfway down on one leg. As you get stronger, you will eventually be able to get all the way down to the floor.

Bulgarian Split Squat

A split squat looks a lot like a lunge! If you want to practice a split squat on the ground, simply stagger your feet with one behind the other and squat down. A Bulgarian split squat is more complicated. You will need a bench or chair to do this move. Stand with your back to the bench and place one foot on the bench. Lower your body down, trying to get your back knee as close to the ground as possible. You can do these with or without weights. These are great for increasing stability and working your butt!

Having a strong butt is a great fitness goal. Not only will you look great in your favorite pair of jeans, but you will also be able to perform better athletically. If you are a runner, having a strong butt will help you run more efficiently and keep you from getting injured. You will also be able to do more in your every life, like lifting heavy objects and walking long distances. So go ahead and add in these different squats to your workout routine. You’ll have an amazing butt that is super strong and looks great.

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