Getting in shape is a hard process, and it takes dedication. It can take about eight weeks to see a difference, but if you stick with it, you’ll be able to get a toned body.

One of the hardest areas to target is the underside of your arms. Flabby arms are something no one wants, but are a natural part of aging. Fortunately, there are a ton of different exercises that you can do to build muscle and tighten them up.

Keep reading for all of the best exercises to develop toned arms!

6 Ways to Develop Toned Arms

While a general loss of body fat can help tone your arms, the best way to reduce arm flab is to build muscle in your arms. This means you need to prioritize exercises that focus on your biceps and triceps.


One of the most effective ways to build your arms also requires no equipment. In fact, you’ve probably done these before in gym class. A regular course of push-ups can target both your biceps and triceps.

Switch between push-ups with your arms shoulder-length apart for biceps, and then closer together for triceps. You should also try bringing your elbows back along your sides instead of extending outwards: this can place an extra burn on your triceps. Aim for ten reps of each – and cycle between them to create an arms circuit.

Bicep Curls

Another simple way to build your biceps is through regular curls. Hold regular dumbbells with your palm facing upwards, and bring them up to your shoulders.

You should aim for weights that you can comfortably do eight to ten reps with. Try to do at least three or four sets, so anywhere from 24 to 40 reps total. These can be easily incorporated into your existing workout targeting other areas of your body, as you can switch out sets between arms and another area.

Overhead Extensions

Overhead extensions are a great way to build tricep muscles. Hold a dumbbell in both of your hands behind your head, and then extend it straight upwards. Hold it there for a second and then bring it down again.

Again, you should aim for a weight that you can do eight to ten reps with. Always be careful and make sure your hands are dry before doing extensions! You don’t want the weight slipping out of your hands and causing a serious injury.

Bench Press

While this will target your chest as well, bench pressing is a great way to build muscle fast. However, you’ll likely need to head to a gym to gain access to the equipment needed. Bench presses have you lie flat on your back and lift a barbell over your chest.

Bench pressing will focus mostly on your upper chest, but you’ll notice gains in your forearms, biceps, triceps, and shoulders as well. You should always have someone spotting you when you’re first starting out, just in case the weight you try is too heavy. You should also start with the bar, and add weight as needed so you don’t find yourself struggling under a mass of weight.

Aim for at least three sets of eight reps. If you’re going to bench press, you should do it before you do other arm exercises, since it’s more demanding and targets other muscle groups as well.

Push Presses

Push presses are exercises that you do with a kettlebell weight. Keep your feet shoulder-length apart, and hold the kettlebell in one hand by your shoulder.

Then, squat down, hold it for a second, and then push up into a standing position, while at the same time, raising your arm and kettlebell straight in the air above your head. This will strengthen your tricep and shoulder, while also working significantly on your core and lower body, especially the glutes and thighs.

You’ll have to switch hands after each set to make sure your arms are getting an equal amount of exercise. Doing sets back to back can help improve your cardio, but make sure you don’t overextend yourself. Poor form can lead to injury in all exercises, but especially for push presses.

Tricep Dips

Finally, we’ll end the list with another “no equipment needed” exercise that targets your triceps. All you need for tricep dips is a bench or elevated surface.

Face away from the bench, with your legs straight out and your toes pointing away from you. Place your hands on the bench, and slowly lower and raise yourself. Your hands should be relatively close to your sides.

The good thing about these bodyweight exercises is they’re easy to squeeze in, whether at work or into another workout. You can switch between tricep dips and push-ups to get a total arm workout with no equipment.

Dedication Is the Key to Toned Arms and a Toned Body

Maintaining a regular workout regimen is the key to getting toned arms – and everything else as well! Even working out for just half an hour a few times a week will develop muscle tone, so long as you do it each week. Developing a habit of going right after work, or going with a friend or group, can help you avoid skipping gym day.

For more information about staying healthy and in shape, please check out the Fitness section of our blog! It’s full of tips, exercises, and routines that can help you become your best self and live a happy life.

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