Do you want to start eating healthy but don’t have the time to cook? You can cook these healthy dinner ideas in 40 minutes and even less!

Everywhere you look, you’re getting advice for living a healthy life.

Exercise more. Balance your carbs and protein to boost your metabolism. Make your own natural cleaning products.

The fact is that following everyone’s advice to a tee would be a 25-hour-per-day job. Don’t forget that you need to get eight hours of sleep every day on top of it all.

If you’re struggling to find that balance between having healthy habits and, well, surviving, we’re here to help. Try these quick and healthy dinner ideas.


Healthy Dinner Ideas for Tight Schedules

Time is tight for all of us, especially during the work week. You can keep up with your to-do list without resorting to frozen pizzas by trying these recipe ideas.

Simple Stir-Fry

A stir-fry is one of the easiest dishes to customize and you don’t need a culinary degree either. It all depends on how involved you want your dish to be.

Start by choosing your favorite lean protein like chicken or shrimp. You can choose any veggies you want as well. You can keep it simple with peppers and onion, or you can add broccoli, snap peas, and more.

When everything is chopped and ready, preheat olive oil or another light oil in a skillet. Toss in the veggies and stir-fry them until they’re as done as you want. This usually takes around five to seven minutes.

Set the veggies aside and repeat the process with your meat. When the meat is done, put the veggies back in the skillet.

Add your favorite stir-fry sauce, like teriyaki or sesame. Storebought sauces make this easy, but if you have more time available, you can make your own healthy sauce.

Allow everything to simmer and heat through before serving it over brown rice. If you want a low-carb or keto-friendly choice, serve it over cauliflower rice instead.

Honey-Soy Grilled Salmon

If you’re trying to get away from beef and pork, salmon is one of the healthiest proteins to add to your diet. It’s also easy to cook.

Whether you’re a seafood pro or it’s new to you, this honey-soy grilled salmon is an easy dinner to cook.

You’ll start by stuffing the salmon with a mixture of herbs. Then, you’ll baste the salmon with your own sauce made from honey, soy sauce, and lime juice.

To embrace the summer spirit, you can cook this salmon on the grill in a hurry. If you’re dealing with “indoor weather,” you can cook it in your oven instead, using the broiler. 

The salmon is ready in a matter of minutes. Serve it along with your favorite side. It works best with Asian-inspired sides like edamame, Asian coleslaw, jasmine rice, and more.

Superfood Bowls

Maybe you’re not a fan of following straightforward recipes. Maybe you prefer to be an artist in the kitchen, tossing together flavors and textures to the beat of your own drum.

If that’s what you’re looking for, look no further than a DIY superfood bowl.

Quinoa is the perfect base for this bowl. You can add as many or as few mix-ins as you want.

Our favorites include cooked kale, roasted butternut squash, edamame, avocado, and goat cheese. Dates and walnuts are great additions too. You can enjoy your superfood bowl as-is or add a lemon vinaigrette dressing.

Your bowl can be as colorful and artistic as you want or it can be quick and simple. The best feature of these bowls, though, is that they’re easy to make ahead if you’re a food prepper. 

If you prep your ingredients ahead, we recommend keeping them each separate and tossing them together when it’s chow time.

Greek Turkey Burgers

What happens when you want to eat healthily but you don’t want to give up your favorite dishes like burgers? You modify them.

The Greek turkey burger recipe uses the delicious, lean protein to lighten up a traditional burger.

With a flavorful blend of spices, your burgers will have a delicious taste on top of being healthy. The recipe also includes a creamy dill yogurt sauce. While it’s easy to dry out a turkey burger, this yogurt sauce keeps it juicy and easy on your palate.

Balsamic Chicken and Asparagus

Not every dish needs a sense of artistry or a detailed recipe. If you’re in the mood for keeping it simple, it doesn’t get much simpler than balsamic chicken and asparagus.

Start by marinating your chicken in balsamic vinegar for fifteen minutes. Don’t do an overnight marinating session with balsamic vinegar, because it can make the meat taste salty.

Next, either broil or grill the chicken to perfection.

As the chicken cooks, use your favorite method for cooking asparagus. If you’re already grilling your chicken, it’s easy to toss the asparagus on the grill too. If not, roasting or sauteeing your asparagus can end in deliciousness too.

Turkey Meatballs and Lemon Zucchini Noodles

When you’re in the mood for Italian but you don’t want to stuff yourself full of carbs, you don’t have to sit by and suffer. Try this recipe for turkey meatballs and zucchini noodles instead. 

This recipe combines pork and turkey for the meatballs, but you can go even leaner by sticking to turkey alone. The blend of spices and other ingredients will keep the meatballs flavorful and juicy.

The trick is to avoid overcooking your zucchini noodles so they don’t become mushy. It only takes a few minutes, so don’t be afraid to test a “zoodle” or two to see if they’re done.


Health on a Schedule

We all want to be able to say that our health is our top priority. That doesn’t mean it’s your only priority, though. Spending all your time cooking healthy recipes while taking time away from your family can backfire in a hurry.

The good news is that you don’t have to make that decision. The healthy dinner ideas above can be on your table in forty minutes or less.

If you want more ways to boost your health, take our health quiz today and check out more articles on our blog.


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