When it comes down to our health and well-being, many of us place a strong emphasis on our bodies rather than our minds. To enjoy optimal wellness, we need to find an equal balance between physical and emotional health and well-being. Exercise has been found to promote mental health and well-being in a variety of different ways, though some forms of exercise are better than others. Martial arts, and kickboxing in particular, have been found to be hugely beneficial for the body and the mind, but just how beneficial is kickboxing? Today we’re going to be finding out, as we will be listing a series of physical and emotional benefits of taking part in kickboxing classes.

Weight loss

If you’re struggling with your weight, not only can this damage your physical health, it can also take a real toll on your psychological health as well. Being overweight can cause people to feel depressed, self-conscious, unmotivated, and generally unhappy. While the solution to these issues is obvious, the truth is that losing weight is far from easy. If it was easy, we wouldn’t currently be in the midst of a nationwide obesity epidemic. If you are serious about losing weight however, kickboxing is the perfect sport for you. Kickboxing is a very intense and physically demanding form of physical exercise and exertion. You are constantly on the go, you are utilizing muscles in your core, your upper body, and your lower body, and by the end of your class you will feel exhausted. Just one hour of Kickboxing can potentially burn off between 600 and 800 calories, which is a huge amount. The average moderate intensity treadmill workout lasting the same duration of time would burn off half that amount. If you step up the intensity however, you can potentially burn off more than 1000 calories. Needless to say, if you’re trying to lose weight via a calorie-deficit, this is the perfect way to go about it.

Tone your muscles

As we mentioned previously, when you take part in a Kickboxing class you will use muscles all over your body. You are constantly engaging your core, your arms and upper-body muscles are being worked when you punch, and when you kick and stretch your leg muscles and lower-body muscles are also being worked. These kinds of actions and movements help to stimulate the muscles and as they are being worked, technically you are training them and they will respond. Kickboxing won’t transform you into a muscle-bound bodybuilder, but it will help you to tone your muscles and to build lean muscle. Besides which, the leaner you become the more ripped and defined you look and as Kickboxing is so beneficial for losing weight you’ll look leaner and more ripped than ever.

Improve flexibility

If you’re not the most flexible and nimble of individuals, Kickboxing is most certainly for you. When you take part in Kickboxing, your flexibility and mobility levels will begin to improve right from the get-go. To perform the various kicks and punches, you will need to be flexible and the more you perform, the more nimble you will get. Before you perform these movements you will warm up and will perform a series of stretches which are designed to improve muscle elasticity and loosen up the joints. This means that you will experience fewer aches and pains when you stretch and perform trivial tasks like bending over to toe your laces or pick something up off the ground.

It’s fun

This is very much an emotional benefit. One reason why Kickboxing is considered to be so beneficial for people looking to improve their physical and emotional health and well-being is because it’s so much fun. Kickboxing classes are awesome as there is pumping music, a friendly and enthusiastic instructor, other like-minded individuals with the same passion and goals as you, and an awesome training environment. Once you get going and the endorphins start flowing throughout your body you won’t want to stop. At the end of your class you’ll feel awesome, you’ll have loved it, and you’ll be counting down the hours until you get to go back and repeat the process all over again.

Make new friends

It’s always great to make new friends, and what better place to make them than at the dojo? When you take kickboxing classes you will meet new people, and as you all have the same goals and interests you already have some common ground and have something in common to talk about. Many friendships have been formed during these classes, along with a few romantic relationships along the way. You truly never know what’s around the corner.

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