Were you aware that low testosterone and weight gain go hand in hand?

Low testosterone is caused by many things and some people naturally have lower levels due to genetics. Unfortunately, low testosterone can cause weight gain due to the way it interacts with estrogen within the body.

Understanding the connection between low testosterone and weight gain will make it easier for you to start losing weight. While many people think you have to go through extremely restricted diets, there are more effective and healthier alternatives.

Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about low testosterone! 

How Are Low Testosterone and Weight Gain Related?

For many people, low testosterone is the main cause of their weight gain. This happens because the body starts increasing in body fat due to a cycle that involves converting testosterone into estrogen, which slows the production of testosterone. As your body continues to produce estrogen, your testosterone levels will significantly decrease.

Those that already have extra weight on them will have a harder time dealing with this situation because excess body fat can cause the body to go through testosterone quickly.

What makes low testosterone and weight gain a difficult subject is the fact that not everyone gains weight as a result of low testosterone. Instead, both men and women will go through weight loss. In this case, they’d have a lot less muscle mass and an increased percentage of body fat.

Many people suffer from weight gain when they become lazy due to the low testosterone. Instead of their body producing extra fat because of the testosterone, it will start burning fat because the person isn’t doing any physical activity. 

While weight loss can result from efficient exercises, it’s difficult to find the stamina and willpower to visit a gym when you don’t have the energy. This vicious cycle of constantly gaining weight and not combating weight gain turns into a longtime problem for many people.

Signs That You May Have Low Testosterone

While low testosterone is one reason why someone would be gaining weight, there are a plethora of other ways that they could. Bad diets and lack of exercise are the two main reasons why people gain weight, so don’t start panicking about having low testosterone if you start gaining.

If you suspect that you may have low testosterone, here are some of the signs:


Fatigue is a lack of energy that’s usually caused by an intense exercise or lack of sleep. Since low testosterone brings down one’s energy levels, fatigue is a common symptom that many of those with low testosterone have.

Depression or Anxiety

Having low energy can make one depressed or anxious because they want to do certain activities but physically can’t.

Loss of Motivation

After a person deals with low testosterone for quite some time, they may start losing the motivation to do things. 

Loss of Libido

Having a lack of energy and motivation can cause one to lose their libido, which is a person’s sex drive.

Difficulty Building Muscle

Many people have a hard time building muscle with low testosterone because they don’t have the energy to exercise as much as they need to. 

Treatment Options

Fortunately, low testosterone can be treated in a variety of ways. Instead of looking for something like a testosterone booster for weight loss, you can incorporate things into your daily life that naturally increase your testosterone levels.

Testosterone and belly fat go hand in hand, but here are some of the treatment options you should try:

Avoid Calorie Restrictions

Putting a restriction on your calorie intake is a great way to decrease your testosterone because you’re essentially starving your body. Instead of focusing on decreasing your calories, you should try to stay away from aggressive fat loss diets and worry about the kinds of food you’re eating.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is more important than restricting your calories. Providing that you’re eating lean meats, vegetables, and fruits, you’ll lose weight over time. You’ll end up eating more on some days, but a healthy diet consists of low-calorie foods that will increase your testosterone levels, thus resulting in weight loss.

Consider using cold-pressed juicers to make beverages out of fruits and vegetables. This will allow you to get essential nutrients without having to eat as much.

Start a Weight Loss Program

If you’re interested in making healthier decisions, you can take up weight loss programs to help you stay focused on your journey. You can join a program that’s all about eating healthy, exercising, and everything in between.

These programs typically come with apps that you can use to monitor your progress. You’ll also be able to communicate with others within the program to seek guidance or find motivation.

Start Creating Natural Testosterone Boosters for Weight Loss

While weight loss and testosterone are difficult to manage, you can eventually overcome the struggles that you’re having. Low testosterone and weight gain can be dealt with by following the treatment options listed. 

We encourage you to start by stopping any low-calorie diet if you’re on one. Instead, simply focus on eating healthy foods. When doing this, be sure to eat until you’re satisfied instead of full. You’ll start gaining more energy over time, allowing you to do more activities and effectively lose weight.

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