Between work, the kids, your social life, and cooking, cleaning, and sleep, there is never enough time for some good exercise. Despite feeling exhausted, your body could use a good bit more activity.

Even if you have only 1 or 2 of those items in your life, your free time can drain away fast. The key trick towards managing your exercise time is making the little details in your life work for you.

Let us show you what we mean.

Scheduling and How to Make Time

Whether you work well with organization or not, everything in your life runs on a schedule. To find the time, the first thing to master is scheduling out your time.

This doesn’t have to be grand calendars and elaborate plans. Sometimes simple is better.

Writing It Down

Quick notes of what to do in your head can work wonders. A few dozen in your head, not so much. When making any plans, write it down!

If you plan out your day, you will be able to see where your minutes go and where you might be able to squeeze in some gym time with a bit of rearranging.

Small Pieces

The biggest strength of scheduling out an item is you don’t have to make room for several hours of a big gym session. Even a 5-minute workout every day is better than nothing.

If you aim to keep your items small, you will find that you can fit in a lot of things in what looks to be an otherwise busy day.

Cut Out Excessive Time Wasters

A big bane of any well-laid plans is distractions and other items vying for your attention. By all means keep meals, work, and important family items on the list. Instead, you can cut out hours of TV watching and lounge about.

Now relaxation is good and TV can do well for that, but you have to be careful it doesn’t dominate your free time. Even better if you can find a balance and keep both on your schedule.

Turn TV Time Into Workout Time

If you find you can’t rid yourself of your quality shows and other screen time content, turn that time into your workout time as well!

You can turn your living room into a Yoga room or have some free weights with you while you watch TV. There are also exercises that work well in cramped environments.

Mobile devices allow you to take your TV on the go. Watching shows on the treadmill can be a great way to make gym time a fun time!

Turning the Mundane Into Activity

Making room for your workout time is good, but if the workout multitasking works, why stop at TV time? There are many activities that you can add in a bit of fun physical activity.

Date Night

Date nights are a nice and essential part of a healthy romance, even after marriage. Dinner and a movie is a great classic, it is far from the only option on the list.

Hiking for some beautiful scenery can be both romantic and healthy. Dance lessons or even a sport together can be both fun and good for you.

You can even have workout sessions together. Togetherness, no matter what you are doing, can help to build intimacy and attraction.

Meetups with Friends

When going out with friends, it can be nice to sit around and chat. Why not add even the smallest bit of activity to that, like going for a bike ride or a walk around the park?

You get all the fun of hanging out with friends with a bit of kick to the energy as well.

Business on the Go

This one can be tricky and may depend on your job and work relationship. The idea is to take as much of your business out into more fruitful activities.

Have a lunch meeting with a coworker? Suggest having it over a nice walk. Sitting at a desk all day? Look into free-standing desks to give your legs a good stretch.

Family Activity

Workouts don’t have to be only for yourself. They can be a family thing! Gather the kids, the partner, even some close relatives, and get out there.

This can be a great alternative to sitting around watching TV and can be a great way to bond as well as live happier and healthier.

Working With Others

The biggest obstacle many may find when trying to squeeze in some gym time is the lack of support.

A few compliments here and there on your results can be nice, but they don’t help when you don’t have the energy to get up and to the gym in the first place. When that happens, you need other people to help you find the time and energy.


There is a good chance you have dozens of little chores and items that you don’t need to do yourself. Even scratching off a few items from your to-do list every once in a while can be liberating.

Look for opportunities to delegate. Your kids can wash the dishes or help clean the house. Your partner can go grocery shopping. Your friends can even run some errands from time to time.

Then invest that time in your physical self. Self-care is easier when you have help to cover the little details.

The Cheerleading Squad

In addition to the delegation, friends and family are great cheerleaders for pushing that all-important motivation.

Compliments from your partner and friends, more energy for the kids, and a happier demeanor are all results that people can see and use as encourage to have you keep going.

Sometimes all you need is a bit of love to light a fire and get things done.

Health, Happiness, and You

Learning how to make time is not going to happen overnight. Even with these tips, there will be times where you cannot find the time. Don’t sweat it! A good exercise is a product of good habits and those build over time.

To help you along this journey, we at Healthy Living Women are eager to bring you all the tips, tricks, and guides to get you into a lifestyle you can be proud of.

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