If you’re thinking of buying a pet or already have one, then it is crucial for you to know the truth about the thousands of microbes that come as part of the package. If you’re interested on whether it’s unfit to have your pet sleeping on your bed, then this is the perfect read.

Pets come in different shapes, sizes and breeds, but overall, they come with thousands of microbes that we like to ignore. Common pets like dogs and cats will spend a lot of time outside, so, the moment they enter the house, more microbes are introduced into your humble abode. Just stop and think about it, thousands of unknown organisms multiplying in your sanctuary. Your health is affected immediately after you come in contact with an animal, tamed or not. You’re probably wondering what are some of the risks that come with these germs, here are a few:


How often do you wash your hands after petting your dog? It is important to scrub your hands each time you do to avoid this very common itchy fungal infection. Its symptoms are itchy circular red patches on the skin for humans and flaky skin and hair loss for dogs. Don’t stop petting your dog, just wash your hands more often.

Cat Scratch Disease

You know how cats send so many mixed signals at once. You share a beautiful moment when you pet it when it rubs on your leg but seconds later you’re applying an antiseptic on the claw marks on your forearm. This bittersweet event is more harmful than you expect. You can get a terrible fever from just a scratch or by your cat licking you.

Stomach Flu

Sharing beds with our trusted companions can lead to stomach flu which is because of a bacterium found on a dog’s tail. These germs are transmitted all over the dog’s body as it licks itself, and eventually you. Just sleeping on the same bed increases the risk.

Parasite Paradise

Ticks, fleas, mites, name it, they love animals. These blood sucking organisms are easy to control by just washing  your pet regularly with a pet friendly or Anti-flea soap. You can even take extra precautions by adding medicaterd drops to your pets collar to prevent fleas and ticks before they become a problem. Parasites are the last things you want to deal with because they have even more germs on them.

Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Studies have shown that children raised in the same environment as pets are less likely to get any allergies or asthma. This is due to the body’s immune system fighting off the thousands of microbes rather than the body. So, you may want to consider adding another dog to your house.

Be clean and ensure that your pet is too by visiting the vet regularly. When this is done, go on ahead and let Rex jump onto your bed and snuggle up to you. Pets have more positive effects than negative ones when it comes to humans. They help deal with anxiety, loneliness and stress. If they had capes they would be the real heroes.

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