You know the benefits of walking every day, and of course the many benefits of going to the gym regularly. But what about the benefits of barre classes?

Barre has quickly become one of the most popular workouts among women and men of all ages. You may have heard of this workout or seen barre studios popping up in your city and wondered what the hype is all about.

And although from the outside, this ballet-inspired workout may not seem like it could be all that hard, the results don’t lie. Ballet is a tough practice, filled with micro-movement and intense control. A recent study showed that ballerinas had more endurance and strength than traditional athletes.

So why try out these classes? Keep reading to learn the top benefits of barre!

Something For Everyone

One of the best aspects of barre style workouts is that they’re accessible to everyone, no matter what your fitness level is.

Unlike some workouts, where you need a certain level of base strength to even do it, barre classes are all about what you put in.

So no matter if you hit the gym every day or haven’t worked out in 5 years, you’ll get something out of one of these classes. Barre classes are a perfect way to ease back into exercise and each movement offers modifications to suit every individual need.

Deep Burn

If you’ve ever seen the moves used in barre class, you may be wondering how these tiny movements are working towards weight loss and strength. But once you get in there you truly will feel the burn.

This burn is so deep in your muscles that often you begin to shake from muscle fatigue, which you will learn is exactly what the instructors are pushing you towards. And this is achieved without the need for a large range of motion.

Increased Flexibility

Another amazing benefit of barre is that it increases your flexibility. Part of the class involves stretching after you’ve put in the hard work at the barre.

And although you don’t have to be flexible to do these workouts, you will be working on your flexibility during each one. Barre trains your body to be both strong and flexible, whereas most exercise focuses on one or the other.

Plus, the stretching breaks come at ideal times to help you recover after each burning session. As you gain flexibility, you will find that with barre you are working on building long lean muscles, just like those of a pro ballerina.

Tones & Firms

Of course one of the most sought after benefits of barre is its ability to tone and firm your whole body.

The intense isometric movements are focused to ensure all your muscle groups have been put to work. And holding these postures gets deep into muscles that most traditional workouts overlook.

So you’re able to build strength in your muscles without tearing them like you do lifting weights. Barre works to lift, tone, and firm your booty with simple and small movements and will have your entire body feeling sore the next day.

Improves Posture

Since most of us spend our days sitting at a desk or hunched over looking at our phones, we tend to have not so great posture.

Because barre requires you to lift and elongate your arms and legs, you will notice that after a few classes you begin to carry yourself as a dancer would.

In barre, the technique is extremely important and a big part of this technique involves keeping your spine straight. Once you have this technique mastered you’ll find it begins to carry over into your day to day life.

Low-Impact & Low-Risk

Sometimes working out can be hard on your body. Whether it’s your joints, knees, or back if you’ve ever lifted weights or done high impact workouts like running you know that sometimes painful feeling where your body needs a break.

Barre is a naturally low-impact workout, so although you’ll break a sweat, it won’t have you struggling to catch a breath. You also won’t feel like you need to take days off for the sake of your joints.

Being low-impact also means it’s low risk, and so you don’t have to be nervous about hurting yourself on accident.

Targets Your Core

Having a rock-solid core seems to be at the top of everyone’s wish-list and barre is sure to help you get there.

Barre is often referred to as the best core strengthening workout. And this is because of those isometric movements that work to target your core on its deepest level so that no muscle is left behind.

And barre helps you to build up core endurance so you’re able to hold moves like planks for a lot longer.

It’s Fun!

One of the very best benefits of barre, aside from the amazing physical aspects, is that this workout is fun. Incorporating upbeat music, dance-like movements, and a group atmosphere barre classes often don’t feel like workouts at all.

After you finish the class you will find that your endorphins are pumping. Plus barre instructors are the best and they work to encourage their students and keep the energy levels high across the room.

See The Benefits Of Barre For Yourself

If you want to truly learn the many benefits of barre class, you’ll just have to take one for yourself.

And although at first, the movements may feel a bit unnatural after a few classes you’ll be walking around like the graceful swan you were meant to be.

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