50 million Americans suffer from acne while 7.5 million have psoriasis.

Skin conditions are common and range from rosacea to eczema. But, it’s a fact that changes to your lifestyle can improve how your skin looks and feels.

For example, eating healthy foods can really help your skin. But, what are the right foods?

Read on to learn about the best foods for your skin and start implementing them into your diet as soon as possible!



1. Add Salmon to Your Bagels

Topping the list of the best foods for your skin is this fatty yet delicious fish. Salmon is rich in Omega-3s which can not only help your skin but will also ward off mental health issues, improve eye health and brain health!

Other benefits of salmon include reducing the risk of heart disease. Sounds like a wonder food, right? But alas, it’s not suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

But, if you don’t mind eating fish, pull out the bagels and cream cheese and you have a delicious breakfast!



2. Carrots Aren’t Just Good for Your Eyesight

Did you know, carrots weren’t always orange. In fact, Dutch farmers cultivated the color in the 17th century as a tribute to William of Orange.

Now, you can eat them as a tribute to healthy, clear skin. This is because the vegetables are full of beta carotene.

This is an antioxidant which, when in the body, converts to vitamin A. This means carrots will help repair skin tissue.

Furthermore, always make sure to wear sunscreen if you’re out in the hot rays but also eat your carrots as they can also protect you from the sun!



3. Spinach Should be Your Favorite, Not Just Popeye’s

Spinach is an ingredient which may taste green and slimy when cooked badly but can bolster up a pasta sauce when used correctly.

Throw spinach into salads raw, cook it into a curry for a thicker taste, and add it to your morning smoothie. Your skin will thank you!

Spinach contains chlorophyll, vitamins, magnesium, iron, folate, fiber, plant protein, antioxidants and more! This simply means it’s great for your skin and overall health.

Try experimenting with recipes so you can incorporate spinach without even realizing it’s there.



4. Eat Fruit for “Berry” Nice Skin

Along with your spinach, remember to throw in some berries into your morning smoothie.

Berries are guaranteed to help clear your skin. This is because they contain antioxidants which work as skin protection.

Make sure blueberries are top of your list as they contain vitamin C which is helpful for producing collagen.

Unfortunately, fresh berries aren’t cheap. But, if you’re using them to eat in smoothies and on top of your breakfast, why not buy frozen berries?

When frozen, these fruits are much cheaper and you can even by a mix of berries so your intake is varied.

Simply take a handful out of the freezer the night before eating to make sure they’re soft or put them in the microwave and you have an instantly delicious yet healthy dessert.



5. Go Nuts About Nuts

Nuts are certainly a superfood. They can help keep you full when you’re feeling peckish, they can thicken up a pasta sauce, they can be turned into delicious butter… and they also fill some of the best candy around.

Make sure you’re eating a regular portion of nuts. It’s worth weighing out a portion as it can be very easy to overeat these high-calorie foods.

Which nut you eat is dependent on the skin condition you have and your personal favorite. For instance, cashews are regarded as one of the most delicious nuts and they help reduce the appearance of scars.

Brazil nuts increase hydration in your skin and reduce redness and acne! Pistachios also help reduce acne. Google your favorite nut and find out how it helps you!



6. Add Lentils to Everything!

By now, we all know that reducing our intake of meat and dairy is not only beneficial to our health, but also to the planet.

Rather than simply removing meat from a dish, add in lentils! Your skin will thank you.

There is a learning curve in creating meals using lentils which are delicious. But, once you’ve mastered it, you won’t miss meat at all.

Wondering how lentils can help your skin? Well, they are a great source or iron and protein so you’ll not only notice that your skin is glowing, but also that your hair is full and luscious.



7. Tomatoes are Great for Aging Skin

Another food full of skin protecting antioxidants is the tomato. Better yet, these red beauties are delicious and can be eaten raw as a snack or in salads.

If you are someone who enjoyed too much sitting out in the sun in your youth, make sure you’re eating a lot of tomatoes in older age to help rejuvenate your skin.

Luckily, tomatoes are very easy to add into your diet as tomato-based sauces are popular, and the raw fruit can be found in your local shops year round.



8. Foods to Avoid are the Obvious Culprits

This may come as no surprise to you but refined sugar is a food which is bad for your skin. Those who suffer from acne may see a breakout just hours after gorging on their favorite candies.

If your diet is full of sugar, unhealthy fats and carbohydrates but lacks fruit and veg, you’ll find that your skin ages much faster than if you ate a healthy balanced diet.

Your parents were right all along, never forget to eat your greens (and start exercising, for that matter!)



Best Foods for your Skin are Delicious with a Little Preparation!

The best foods for your skin don’t have to be eaten raw – they can still prove to be beneficial when cooked.

Now you know that these ingredients are great for your skin, check out our favorite recipes and see how many you can incorporate into every meal!

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