Do you have a tough time motivating yourself to work out on a regular basis? There are some ways you can make this problem a thing of the past.

Studies have shown that about 90% of people feel more motivated to work out when they wear the right workout gear. About 60% feel more motivated to work out once they start seeing results. And about 45% feel more motivated to work out when they have a workout buddy.

A workout buddy will do more than just motivate you to go to the gym, too. There are so many other benefits that come along with having a gym buddy by your side when you’re getting a good workout in.

Here are the top benefits of working a workout buddy into your exercise routine.

Forces You to Make a Strong Commitment to Working Out

If you want to get yourself into the best shape you’ve ever been in, you’re going to need more than a gym membership. You’re also going to need to make a strong commitment to working out.

Getting into great shape requires you to commit to working out at least a few times every week. Even on days when you don’t feel like it, you’re going to have to suck it up and make sure that you find the will to workout.

Your workout buddy can help you in this area. You’ll both need to make the same commitment to working out, and you’ll both need to promise to push one another to hold up your end of the bargain.

Allows You to Set and Achieve Workout Goals

Once you and your workout buddy have committed to working out, the next thing you’ll want to do is list your individual workout goals. It’s a good idea to have goals when you’re working out so that you’re always striving for something.

Your workout goals can be whatever you want them to be. You can commit to:

  • Losing 25 pounds in the next six months
  • Getting into good enough shape to run a triathlon
  • Bulking up and adding more muscle to your frame

The important thing is to create these goals and to share them with your gym buddy. By doing this, you’ll be inviting the other person to hold you accountable when it comes to you doing whatever it takes to reach your goals.

You’ll find that hitting your goals will be more realistic when you talk to someone else about them. They can offer you support, encouragement, and maybe even some tough love along the way while you work towards your goals.

Pushes You to Put Forth Your Best Performances During Workouts

Most people have at least a little bit of a competitive streak inside of them. When they see someone next to them doing something great, it forces them to try and match them so that they don’t feel like they’re being left behind.

If you have a competitive streak, putting in time in the gym with a workout buddy will work out well for you. As long as you choose someone who works hard, they’ll be right there to push you to perform your best each and every day.

Keeps You Safe While You’re Working Out

In an effort to try and get better results while working out, some people will push themselves too hard. They’ll run faster than they should on the treadmill and put weights that are too heavy on the bar in the middle of a lifting session.

A gym buddy can talk some sense into you in the gym and help you stay safe. You’ll reduce your chances of sustaining an injury during a workout when you have someone working out with you.

Your gym buddy will also be able to help you use the right form when you’re doing certain exercises. They can watch you perform an exercise and suggest adjustments you can make to stay safe. It’s another way to prevent unnecessary injuries.

Encourages You to Try New Workouts

While committing to a workout routine and sticking to it is something that should be celebrated, you should try not to do the same routine over and over again for too long.

For starters, there’s a good chance that you’ll overuse some of your muscles if you take this approach to working out. But maybe more importantly, you’ll also start to get bored when you do the same workouts repeatedly, which is when finding the motivation to work out can become a problem.

With a workout buddy, you’ll feel confident about switching up your workout routine and trying something new every few months. You won’t feel as self-conscious about signing up for a new workout class or trying new exercises when someone that you know is doing the same thing.

Turns Working Out Into Something Fun

At the end of the day, working out should be fun! You should look forward to going for a run, lifting weights, or taking parting in a fitness class.

If you’re not having much fun while working out right now, a workout buddy can change that. The socialization that you do with your gym buddy alone will transform the attitude that you have towards going to the gym.

You’ll find yourself having fun when you work out, which will result in better workouts overall. It’ll also make it easy for you to talk yourself into exercising at least a few times every week.

Start Working Out With a Workout Buddy Today

There are some people who love working out by themselves. But even they would agree that there are lots of advantages of having a workout buddy.

As you’ve seen, your gym buddy can help you make the most of your exercise routine. They can also help you reach your loftiest goals and push you to heights you couldn’t have imagined. And they might even be able to turn going to the gym into a fun activity for you.

Ask a close family member or friend if they’ll consider being your gym buddy. It could change the way that you work out forever.

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