If you have ever wished thinking about losing weight could actually make the pounds disappear, you’re likely not alone.

While you may think your stomach is what is making you overweight or unhealthy, it turns out, it is actually your brain.

Have you ever wondered what the theory behind a vision board is? The idea that your thoughts create your reality is something that many people believe to be true. If you’re trying to lose weight, the same principals may work for weight loss as well.

This guide will go over how creating your own reality can help you lose weight and change your lifestyle with just a simple mind shift.

Weight Loss Mentality

The idea behind a vision board is that if you place photos, quotes, words, or anything symbolic on a board or piece of paper, it is more likely to come true. 

While many people think the latest fad diet will cure all of our weight loss problems or that the most expensive piece of equipment will make us all more physically fit, unfortunately, this isn’t actually true.

The reality is that if you aren’t mentally ready to lose weight, you won’t. You need to be mentally ready to make the lifestyle changes necessary to get healthier. It isn’t just about the pounds either.

No matter what the scale says, if you have a weight loss mentality, you will automatically feel better about yourself and your choices. While it might not mean you’ll drop 20 pounds this month, it will mean you’re on your way. 

When you start envisioning yourself losing weight, being more active, and eating healthier, you’ll actually start to do so in real life. 

This is what is known as a weight-loss mentality.

How to Create Your Own Reality 

Creating your own reality isn’t as futuristic as is it may sound. You don’t have to disconnect from the real world and start pretending you are being healthy if you’re not. 

Instead of thinking of creating your own reality as pretending, think of it more like a mental shift. You mentally take notice when you eat poorly, don’t work out, don’t make sleep a priority, or even when you haven’t had water in hours.

Each little thing you notice will slowly start to make you want to do them in reality. When you’re consciously making poor health choices, you are more acutely aware of the repercussions. 

If you aren’t in a mindful state about weight loss, for example, you may find yourself zoning out to television one night eating an entire bag of chips. After you’re done you might not even give it a second thought. 

If you are in a weight loss state of mind, however, you’ll think twice about what you’re eating and make a better choice. Before long, it won’t even be a choice. Grabbing an apple, for example, will just be the natural option for you.

You thought about eating better and eventually, it became your reality.

Weight Loss Motivation 

When it comes to eating healthier and being more active, a lot of us could be more successful if we had a personal coach by our side throughout the day. By creating a positive mental state around being healthier, you can be that coach for yourself.

Practising weight loss motivation means you are giving yourself the encouragement and reinforcement to stick with your positive changes. 

After you finish a run, for example, give yourself a mental pat on the back. Take a minute to be mindful of how great you feel.

If weight loss is particularly challenging, there can be a tendency to shut down, think negative thoughts and get discouraged.

Staying positive can really help you stay motivated. It doesn’t matter what the scale says if you feel better. If you’re becoming more active, choosing healthier foods, and becoming more conscious about your health, you will see results in reality.

Make a Positive Mental Shift

If your perceived reality is that you are always tired, always too busy, and never have time to cook healthy food, then this story you are telling yourself will be your reality. 

Even if you keep to your exact lifestyle and schedule but just shift your mindset to a more positive mindset, you can all of a sudden find yourself with more time and more stamina.

If you feel like you are always too busy to workout, take a look at your nighttime routine. If it involves two hours of television, you aren’t that busy. Instead of just watching TV, go to bed. Now you’ll be able to wake up an hour earlier at least and do something active.

If you always tell yourself you are too busy to go to the grocery store, then you will never go to the grocery store. Think about what obstacles are stopping you from going and remove them.

If time is an obstacle, try out a grocery delivery service or a meal delivery service that provides healthy meals delivered to your home.  

Shifting to a glass half full mentality will open up the mental space to make your life more positive and conducive to healthy choices in real life.


One of the main culprits of weight problems and unhealthy choices is stress. When people are stressed, they tend to reach for food as comforts.

Try using meditation, yoga, walking, or even sleeping as a way to destress instead of reaching for food or alcohol.

Walking your dog, setting intentions for the day, or even just going to bed earlier will do wonders for your stress levels.

The more stressed you feel the more likely you’ll be to overeat, eat poorly, or skip a workout because you are mentally drained.

Since you can’t always do something about a stressful meeting at work, you can change how you react to it. Skip the post-meeting doughnut and go for a walk outside instead.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Having a positive outlook and a positive mental state around being healthier can really make you healthier in life.

If you’re allowing yourself to be mindful of your choices, you are far more likely to start making better ones that become second nature.

Destressing and choosing positive methods of dealing with your stress will also help curb a lot of bad habits that can cause weight gain or stop us from losing weight. 

Just like with a vision board, if your thoughts create your reality, shifting your mindset to a positive and more mindful one can eliminate so many self-imposed obstacles that stand in our way when it comes to weight loss. 

For weight loss tips, helpful guides, and recipes, check out the weight loss section of our site for more great resources. 

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