Almost two-thirds of Australian adults are overweight or obese. This has led to an increase in chronic diseases and conditions. This overweight trend is also getting passed down to the children. You can stop this cycle. We get it, getting yourself and your family motivated can be tough. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. You don’t have to spend a ton of time working out, you just have to put forth effort during that time. Try out these best virtual reality fitness games for a fun workout.

1. Box VR

We’re starting this list off strong with a high-octane, calorie-burning, intense gaming experience. You’ll work your arms, shoulders, and chest. Plus there’s a serious amount of cardio. You’ll sweat your way through the work out to the tune of fast-paced electronica music. Then when you’re done, be sure to check out the calorie tracker to know what you’ve burned.

2. Audio Shield

If you love to get down to some tunes then Audio Shield is the high-energy game is for you. Just sync the game to your YouTube or music library and you’ll be sweating to your favourite tunes. The game will have you punching, blocking, and beat the orbs away. You’re upper and lower body will get a workout with this game.

3. The Thrill of the Fight

This boxing game will put your body through the toughest work out you’ve ever faced. It has the cardio demands that rival flat-out sprinting. You’ll focus most of your energy and workout on your upper body. But it will even give your abs and obliques a workout too.

4. Holopoint

In this game, you’ll be slinging arrows as samurais and demons attack back. Many players liken it to a crash course in preparing for the hunger games. Your upper body will work as you relentlessly fire arrows. Though you’ll need to make sure you switch arms, otherwise your workout will be lopsided towards your dominant arm. The workout you get from this game is on the same level as swimming lap at your gym pool.

5. Knockout League

This is another boxing style game, but you’ll be entering the world of 1980’s arcade style games. This is a knock-out style boxing game that will have you burning calories at a rate of about 250-300 calories per every 30 minutes you play. There are a few different types of gameplay including Focus Mitt, Grudge Match, and Speed Bag. Be sure to also try out room scale mode that will have you roaming and moving about with your opponent.

6. Sparc

How about a game that gives your entire body a workout? This dodgeball-style game will have you jumping, throwing, ducking and blocking balls hurtling at you from your opponents. This isn’t just regular dodgeball though. You’ll need to use strategy to throw your ball to get it past your opponent’s shields.

7. Sword Master

While this game isn’t a traditional “workout game” you’re going to work up a sweat. This first-person sword fight will have you working your upper body. You’ll have to swing your sword and slice your opponents up. Then you’ll be lounging and squatting to evade your opponent. Playing this game will give you the same level of workout as if you had used the elliptical at the gym.

8. Hot Squat

A lot of the other games on this list are cardio heavy, but this one is not. You’ll be standing and squatting your way through this 1980’s-styled gym. Mess up your squat and you lose the game. It’s all about getting low though, then you’ll have to stand. Otherwise, you risk the whole gym caving in on you. If you play the other games on this list, like those boxing games, then you need this to balance out your work out. Remember, you don’t want to skip leg day.

9. Sprint Vector

Want to look like a maniacal speed skater? Then this game will make your dreams come true. You’ll have 12 different maps to conquer. The faster you pump your arms, the faster you’ll go in the game. Just be sure that you watch out for the obstacles that will be flying your way. As you race, level up your speed boots to go even faster. You’ll also need to gather projectiles so that you can defend yourself from the other competitors. Obviously, your upper body is going to do the bulk of the work here to get you moving in the game. However, your lower body will need to stabilize yourself.

10. Gorn

Looking for a game that lets you have your choice of weapon? Then Gorn is for you. You’ll be going to war with your choice of a war hammer, spear, and sword. You’ll be fighting a variety of enemies including honey badgers. In endless mode, you’ll burn the most calories. Don’t expect a really good lower body workout though. This game is going to focus on your upper body. You’ll get an occasional squat or duck.

11. Drunk Bar Fight

Getting into a drunken bar fight in real life is a terrible idea. But how about if you could do it in virtual reality? This violent role-playing game will have you drinking beer and swinging pool cues. You can start fights with anyone and everyone in the bar.

Get Off the Couch and Moving with Fitness Games

Whatever game you choose, the important part is that you stick with it. You don’t need to work out for hours, and you may not do a whole lot in the beginning. As you work through the games, you’ll build muscles and stamina. The stronger you become, the longer you’ll last and the harder you can push yourself in the game. To be successful with fitness games, try getting your whole family involved. You could turn it into a competition to help push each further.

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