In recent years, the fitness industry has seen a boom. It’s been slowing increasing about 3-4% over the last ten years with no intents of stopping. At least 20% of Americans have a gym membership, a number that’s expected to double.

This contributes to our biggest number yet: the fitness industry is worth $30 billion!

Whether you need inspiration for the gym, or you’re looking to branch out and go to a gym, fitness classes are a great way to do so. They’re fun, competitive, and efficient. But what are the best fitness classes out there right now?

Here are some that are having a major moment — and some that are so good, you’ve seen them before (and will see them again).

1. Pilates

Are you trying to target your core strength? Are you looking for a burn in your abs? Then Pilates is the class for you.

Not only does consistent Pilates give you that desired core workout, but it also improves posture and focuses on body alignment. This is all done throughout low-impact exercises with or without equipment.

It starts with your foundation — your core — and then impacts the surrounding body.

Pilates classes are offered at Pilates studios, as well as add-on classes at traditional gyms, too.

2. Barre

You’ve likely heard of Pilates — it’s well-known, and it’s had a recent resurgence in popularity. But Barre classes are another store. What the heck is Barre?

If you imagine a ballerina, you’re on the right track — kinda. These ballet-inspired exercises attempt to get you toned, leaned, and flexible like a ballerina! Ballet dancers are full of sinewy muscle and raw strength.

Target abs, thighs, and glutes while incorporating moves from Pilates (yep) and yoga. Use your body weight as your resistance to move you through a series of techniques. The ballet barre that’s behind you will remain there for assistance throughout the class.

Show up in comfortable workout clothing, no tutus or painful shoes required.

3. Yoga

There’s that word again: yoga. Get used to it. Yoga isn’t going anywhere.

Contrary to popular belief, yoga focuses on strength, movement, and balance. Although flexibility may be a goal of yours (props to you!), one doesn’t have to be flexible to enjoy a yoga class as a beginner. That may come with time and practice.

An experienced teacher will lead you through a class by offering modifications. “Can’t do this? That’s okay — do this instead.” Yoga, and all the other classes on this list, are about putting into them what you can. If you over-extend yourself, it’s going to be a while before you’re back in the gym again.

Hit up a yoga studio or see if your local gym offers classes. It’s highly likely that they will. From restorative, yin yoga (slow, long holds) to hot flows (getting into that flow state through repetitive movements), yoga is as varied as you are.

Bonus — you get a chance to meditate. Each yoga class ends with a Shavasana, or meditation, which allows you to tap into the vibrations of everything you just went through in class. Allow yourself this opportunity to reflect and breathe.

4. Spin

If you’ve never done a spin class, you may be surprised at how difficult they can be! In a good way, of course. Spin class is much more than some leisurely pedals of a stationary bike.

What are some of the general benefits and ideas behind spin classes?

  • Burn calories — while having fun (yes, really, people will be smiling)
  • Offered worldwide
  • A great cardio workout, improving heart health
  • Set your own pace with each bike’s speed and resistance
  • Community-focused exercise involving a room of students and one instructor
  • Easy to do low-impact: can accommodate ailments, improve fitness longevity, and improve joint and tendon health
  • Strengthens core
  • Builds muscle definition
  • Enhances muscle strength

Spin is fun, upbeat, and group-focused. If you’re looking for an activity that’ll get you super-pumped and leave you feeling sore and satisfied, then visit your local spin studio!

5. Swim

Swim classes, or water aerobic classes, have a variety of amazing benefits.

They’re great for people of all ages and abilities. And they’re especially great if you’re older, prone to injury, or less toned and athletic. Being in the water allows you to work out while being supported, with no risk of falling and injuring yourself.

Lose weight, build your endurance, and relieve your stress out on the water with low-impact (but highly efficient) exercises.

Swim classes usually don’t require you to bring any equipment. It’s mostly body exercises using your body weight.

Some classes will use lightweight equipment — for example, empty gallons of water. This stimulates strength and holding something, but it’s air-light!

6. Tai Chi

Tai Chi, or, a “gentle way to fight stress.”

These movement-focused exercises are perfect for those who want to move around without worrying about building strength, per se. Tai Chi allows you to move at your own pace while improving your balance and flexibility.

A Tai Chi class involves an instructor leading you through a series of poses and movements that are low-impact and stress-reducing. You’ll move at a slow, controlled pace, connecting eyes with hands and really focusing internally.

2019’s Best Fitness Classes!

See anything on this list that gets you excited to go to the gym? Then what are you waiting for? Strap on some shoes and get to it!

These are some of the best fitness classes we saw — but there are many more out there. If you like it, that’s all that matters. Try every class on the schedule until you find out that inspires your workout to be better.

2019 will be your year!

Of course, supplementing exercise with a healthy diet is sure to improve your chances of getting and staying fit. Here’s our guide to making the keto diet work for you.

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