Remember when you were a child and thought that adults could do whatever they wanted? Then you became an adult and realized that in fact, there are even more people telling you what to do. One of the top items on that endless list of requests is to exercise.

For many who aren’t exercising as much as we should, boredom plays a serious role. There are simply other things we’d rather be doing with our limited free time.

It can help to vary your workout routine so there’s always something new to try. This year, jumping on a new fitness trend or two could be your path out of your rut. Start with these popular trends.

1. Seizing Micro-HIIT Opportunities

The #1 reported reason Americans say they don’t exercise more is a lack of time, cited by 42% of Americans. This is a surprise to no one. That’s why micro-HIIT is thriving.

You’ve likely heard of HIIT: high-intensity interval training. It’s a workout format that crams intense activity into a short period of time, often 15-20 minutes.

Micro-HIIT uses the same principle but takes advantage of tiny time windows throughout your day. For example, you can do an intense activity for the three minutes you spend microwaving your lunch.

Several of these sessions add up and give your body a surge of energy and activity that boosts your fitness level. Don’t forget to track your incremental workouts to make sure you’re getting enough of them each day.

2. Butt-Kicking Boxing Classes

Fortunately, more people are realizing the importance of mental health today. It’s no wonder that one top fitness trend combines physical health and mental health: kickboxing.

Kickboxing classes give you a chance to get rid of all the anxious energy and frustration from your day. They also happen to be fantastic workouts. As an added bonus, you’re learning self-defence tactics too.

3. Bodyweight Exercises

On top of time constraints, budget limitations are also an unsurprisingly common reason people stop working out. Not everyone has the cash for a gym membership or home equipment.

That’s why bodyweight exercises are surging in 2020. These workouts use the weight of your own body, rather than weights or machines, to give you a serious burn.

There is an endless list of workout moves you can do that use your own body. The key is getting your form exactly right so you target the right muscle groups with each move. This is why many people start with bodyweight training classes before taking the workouts to their own homes.

4. The Drama of Dance

Dancing is one of those workouts that truly makes for a great time. It’s an opportunity to get out of your head, move to the music, and connect with your workout.

While the Zumba trend took hold several years ago, today more and more adults are choosing other types of dance classes too. There are classes for ballroom dance, salsa, modern dancing, and anything else you can imagine.

Unlike dance classes for kids, these adult classes often don’t work toward practising a specific dance for a recital. They’re all about learning the dance form, boosting your fitness, and having a great time.

5. Boot Camps for All

Traditionally, boot camps are intense, short-term fitness regimens designed to quickly condition people toward a specific goal like military service or an athletic event.

Today, though, they’ve leaked into the general public and folks are loving them. During a boot camp, a personal trainer guides a small group of participants through a workout that jumps from one exercise to another quickly.

Boot camps have several advantages. First, they give you more focused attention from a personal trainer. They cost less than a personal training session but the trainer’s attention is divided between ten people or fewer in most cases, rather than 20 or more.

The other advantage is the quick pace. You’ll never get bored during a boot camp session, and before you know it, the class will be over and you’ll be crushing your fitness goals.

6. Holistic Wellness Coaching

For so long, people saw lifestyle choices like exercising, eating, sleeping, and mental health care as a series of unrelated tasks. Today, though, we’re realizing how connected they all are.

For this reason, an emerging trend is to hire a wellness coach. This person is your personal trainer, your nutrition counsellor, and even a life coach of sorts. They can help you turn one or two good choices into an entire lifestyle that supports your health and happiness.

7. Workout Besties

While you work out, there’s only so much music you can listen to in your earbuds before you feel bored and isolated. Instead, try the workout trend that merges exercise with social bonding.

Walking groups, recreational yoga, and other workouts shared between friends are becoming more common. It feels more like a social outing than a grinding workout, but your body doesn’t know the difference.

Plus, you’ll have accountability partners which help people work out more often.

8. Low-Impact Workouts

Any physical activity is great for your fitness level, but sometimes there are drawbacks. Running and other high-impact exercises put a serious strain on your joints. You might be sacrificing your future health by trying to get fit.

Instead, move with the common trend of low-impact exercises. These exercises feature moves specifically designed to give you a great workout with little pressure on your joints.

For instance, swap out running for using an elliptical. Trade your jumping jacks for more controlled one-sided jumping jacks.

Choosing the Best New Fitness Trend for You

There’s a common saying among trainers: the best workout is any workout you’ll stick to. In many cases, the only thing standing between you and your in-shape self is the ability to find an exercise routine you actually want to do.

Try the 2020 fitness trend examples above to see which ones work best for you. Don’t forget to shop our nutritional supplements to make your lifestyle changes more effective.


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