Have you become accustomed to working out alone? Maybe you rush a quick session in the morning before work, or you stop by during the evening hours on your way home. Whatever your specific case may be, you’ve felt forced to workout alone.

It’s time to make a change, however. Sure, your friends have their own lives and your schedules don’t line up well enough to head to the gym at the same time. In this busy world, you have to take your free time whenever you can get it, and we understand that you can’t always wait around for a friend to be free.

That’s why we recommend joining exercise groups! Exercise groups are a great way to motivate you to work out each week, plus there are even more benefits. Science suggests that exercise groups may be the key to weight loss and other health benefits.

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You Have the Support

What makes exercise groups so special? You’re guaranteed mental support each and every time you go. Think about all of those times when you hit the gym solo and halfway through a workout session felt like you couldn’t go on.

You were alone and had no one there to motivate you to keep going. There’s something about working out with multiple people that keeps you pushing. You see the others struggling but pushing through it, and you start telling yourself that you can too.

You become acquainted with a group of people who all have similar goals as you and who are all there for similar reasons as you. Together, you hold one another up.

Others Rely on You

Just as you’re given a ton of support by joining an exercise group, you also give support. The group becomes one unit and everyone begins to rely on one another. This means that your group members are expecting you to be there every session.

This is a good motivation to keep you coming back each week. You won’t want to let your group members down, so you’ll feel a sense of responsibility to attend every session. Think back to all those days where you had every intention of going to the gym but never made it.

You backed out the last minute and then regretted it the next day. This won’t happen nearly as much when you have a whole class waiting for you to show up and join them.

Groups Set the Tone

Groups set the tone for the exercise. You’re all there to support one another and you’re all there to provide good energy throughout the entire session. When you’re working out in a group setting, the competition is more intense.

You want to keep up with those around you. The energy is a lot more positive as you hear others cheering you on. It makes you want to work harder than you ever have before.

You want to prove to the group and yourself that you want to be there and that you take it seriously. It’s a whole different experience walking into a group workout than when you walk into the gym alone and grab whatever machine is available. You really begin to feel like you’re a part of something and it’s always nice to make new friends.

When you’re not participating in group exercise, you can keep in touch with others in the group and set up times outside of the gym to get together for jogs, walks, bike rides, or other activities.

The Science Behind It

When can fill your ears with all of the many reasons why you might enjoy a group exercise better than a solo one, but it’s important to know that there is science behind the idea that group exercising is better. One study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association took 69 medical students and divided them into 3 different groups.

One group was assigned to a 30-minute group work out session one a week. Another section of the students was assigned to complete solo workouts and the last group was assigned to not work out at all.

This was a 12-week program and the students were given a survey to fill out each month regarding their stress levels, their mental state, their physical state, and emotional state as well. The group that engaged in the group workout sessions received the most benefits.

This group saw an improvement in their physical, mental, and emotional well being. They also saw a decrease in their stress levels. There’s just something about pushing yourself to the limits alongside others who are doing the same that just generates all types of health benefits!

Exercise Groups Are a Must!

With science backing it up, it’s safe to say that exercising in a group setting is much more beneficial to you than working out alone. Stop believing that the only time you have to go to the gym is during times when you’re forced to go alone. There are so many different work-out groups that you can join during all different times of the day.

Find one that incorporates the types of exercises that you enjoy and is held during a time when you can attend each week. Even if you don’t believe that you’d do well in exercise groups, you might change your mind after a couple of sessions.

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