Picture this.

You had a healthy smoothie chock full of nutrients for breakfast. For lunch, you had oven-baked salmon cakes with a big salad. Dinner was a chicken and veggie stir fry.

You decide to reward your healthy eating with a snack and Netflix to unwind before bed. As soon as you sit on the sofa, the ravenous night hunger hits. You’re microwaving a fatty and buttery bag of popcorn before you even know it.

We’ve all been there before. 

The key is to learn how to stop eating at night. Keep reading to learn how to conquer unhealthy night time snacking.

Go to Bed Earlier

Going to bed at an earlier time is one of the easiest ways to stop night eating. If you’re asleep, you can’t eat. 

Getting more zzz’s is excellent for your health and weight loss endeavors. If you’re sleep-deprived, you’ll be more likely to overeat

Having problems powering your body down at night? Keep your electronics out of reach. Charge your phone in the kitchen to remove the temptation to scroll mindlessly. 

Ensure your bedroom is dark enough, too. If the street lights are filtering in through your window, invest in blackout curtains. 

Creating a serene place without distractions is key to ensuring a good night’s sleep. 

Get Enough Protein

Make sure you’re getting enough protein with every meal to help keep hunger at bay. Foods that are high in protein act as a natural appetite suppressant. When you feel satiated, you won’t reach for unhealthy snacks to curb hunger. 

Good protein sources include lean cuts of meat, eggs, cheese, legumes, and Greek yogurt. 

Don’t Skip Meals

If you think you’re doing yourself a favor by skipping a meal, you’re wrong. Missing one meal now and then is okay. If you’re making a habit of it, though, you’re doing more harm than good.

Skipping meals can hurt many aspects of your health.  

First, you may notice it’s difficult to think straight. Your blood sugar decreases when you’re not receiving adequate nutrition. You might next see you’re more irritable or tired than usual. 

Your body will then increase its production of cortisol to try and even things out. Stress and hanger will then hit with a vengeance, causing you to reach for unhealthy foods. 

Frequently skipping meals can cause a decrease in your metabolism, too. Your body enters survival mode, causing cravings that will make you eat more. This will make losing weight harder and can even cause weight gain. 

Brush Your Teeth After Dinner

Have you ever ate something after brushing your teeth? If so, you know how gross toothpaste makes food taste. 

After you’ve eaten your last planned meal or snack of the day, brush your teeth. You won’t want to have a snack when your teeth are minty fresh.

Drink Enough Water

Sometimes we confuse hunger for thirst. When you feel the urge to peek in the pantry for a snack, have a glass of water instead. 

Water is a calorie-free way to fill up your tummy. 

Don’t wait until the end of the day to start drinking your H2O. Aim to increase your intake throughout the entire day. 

We recommend buying a water bottle. Drink enough that you have to refill it two or three times a day. This ensures you’re getting enough water to keep you healthy and hydrated.  

Have Dessert

It may sound counterintuitive, but allowing a dessert after dinner is a great way to stop night time cravings. If you’ve already had something sweet, you’ll be less likely to want to eat later at night. 

The key is choosing treats that won’t derail your diet. There are plenty of healthy dessert options to help you stay on track. 

Whip up a package of sugar-free Jell-O and serve with light whipping cream. This sweet, low-calorie treat is perfect for hot summer nights. 

A bowl of fresh fruit is a great way to end your day. Fruit is full of antioxidants and nutrients that your body needs to thrive. 

Have a square of dark chocolate if you need to satisfy a chocolate fix. It’s not as sweet as its milk counterpart, but it has plenty of health benefits.

Get a Hobby

If you want to stop late night-noshing, it may be time to break your binge-watching TV habit for good. It’s easy to mindlessly shove popcorn into our mouths if we’re distracted by a riveting TV show or movie.

Instead of lazing on the couch at the end of the day, foster new talents or hobbies. What did you use to do for fun before we had endless television and movies at our fingertips?

Grab your dusty notebooks or sketchpads and start writing or drawing again.

Pick up your knitting needles and finish that scarf you started in 2009. 

Invest in an adult coloring book and some high-quality pencil crayons or markers. 

Put your running shoes on and go for a walk or run. Get the whole family involved while you’re at it. 

Remove Temptations

If you can’t stop reaching for unhealthy snacks before bed, get rid of them. Stop buying the foods you know will encourage a binge. 

Stock the fridge full of fresh vegetables and fruit. It’s better to overeat fruits and veggies than pastries and chocolate.

Conquering How to Stop Eating at Night

Maybe you don’t need to learn how to stop eating at night at all. You might just need to condition yourself to reach for healthier foods. The right late-night snacks can be beneficial to your health

If you’re reaching for the fruit bowl instead of the snack bowl, you’re doing just fine. 

Don’t leave without checking out our Recipes. We have tons of delicious meals you can whip up tonight to beat the late-night cravings before they start. 


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